KOSGEB Will Provide Loan Support Without Interest! Last 2 days!


Millions of people need interest-free and large amounts of money. This is not a valid need for just one person or a few people in your close circle. It is something that you, those born from you, your relatives, in short, the whole world needs. However, you can only get this as an incentive and support loan in our country.

We are all human, we may need to start a business or urgently need cash. There is only one way to meet this cash need. It has become almost impossible to get loans from banks, but as you can imagine, it has become almost impossible to get loans from banks.

As of today, you are faced with a special loan allocation for which the deadline will be taken. If you are eligible and can apply immediately, you can apply before 31:2022 on March 17.00, XNUMX. All you have to do is to apply. Here are the details and ways to apply.

KOSGEB Afyonkarahisar Provincial Director Ayşe Yeşim Çepni, considering the support given by President Erdoğan for the support of small-scale loss-making enterprises, said, “In this context, 100 thousand TL support will be given to micro enterprises per person they will receive. Micro enterprises can employ up to two people. In small businesses, they can receive support of 100 thousand TL per person, and they can provide employment opportunities for up to five people. In this context, a loan of 100 thousand TL will be paid for each person who is eligible to apply.

How to Apply for KOSGEB 100 Thousand TL Loan?

In order to apply for a KOSGEB loan, it is necessary to employ personnel who were born before 1981, who have never worked before or who have worked for a maximum of six months in the last three years. Persons who employ personnel who are vocational high school and technical high school graduates rather than university graduates can apply for a KOSGEB 100 thousand TL loan. You can get detailed information and apply by visiting the nearest KOSGEB branch.

You can apply for an interest-free loan of 1 thousand TL until 100 March. Moreover, it is possible to benefit from this loan without repayment for 2 years.

The breaking news, which is closely related to employers, was announced by KOSGEB. In terms of each personnel to be employed, enterprises will be provided with an interest-free loan of 2 thousand TL, with no repayment for a full 100 ​​years. The Small and Medium Enterprises Development and Support Administration (KOSGEB) announced that it will offer employment-related credit support for small businesses that have been adversely affected by the covid-19 pandemic.

110.000 TL in terms of women's employment, and 100 thousand TL in terms of new graduate employment will be offered interest-free and non-refundable for 2 years.

Who Will Benefit From KOSGEB 100 Thousand Liras Interest-Free Loan?

Time is running out for citizens who want to get an interest-free loan of 100 thousand TL from the state for 2 years without repayment. Within the scope of the loan to be offered by KOSGEB, for the enterprises that have maintained the average employment in the last 12 months, if the driver is given to run the program for 12 months, a loan can be obtained without interest and repayment for each personnel.

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In the following 2 years, payments will be made in equal installments, commission-free and interest-free. Credit support will be provided for up to 2 personnel for micro enterprises and up to 5 personnel for small enterprises.

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