60 Billion TL Support Package for the Economy

60 Billion TL Support Package for the Economy
60 Billion TL Support Package for the Economy

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated that there is an open 60 billion lira Credit Guarantee Fund (KGF) package and that all manufacturers and businesses can benefit from this KGF package and carry out the process in a healthier way.

The 16th International Business and Construction Machinery, Technology and Appliances Fair (KOMATEK&İMDER) organized by the Turkish Construction Equipment Distributors and Manufacturers Association (İMDER) and the Stacking Machinery Distributors and Manufacturers Association (İSDER) at the Antalya Fair and Congress Center (ANFAŞ) welcomes its visitors. welcomes.


Minister Varank met with sector representatives at ANFAS within the scope of the fair and said that KOMATEK, the only specialized fair in its field, hosted 40 companies, 220 of which were foreign. Noting that KOMATEK was registered as the biggest construction equipment fair of Eurasia thanks to the interest, Varank said, "From now on, this event will be an important meeting point that enables Turkish companies to open up to new markets. Considering the innovative products and technologies on display, it would not be wrong to call this fair the R&D market.” he said.


Noting that despite all the negativities in the world and the region, Turkey achieved a growth of 2021 percent in the last quarter of 9,1 and 11 percent throughout the year, Varank said, “We have become the country with the highest growth performance among the G-20, OECD and EU countries. The fact that this growth is led by the industrial sector is another source of pride for us. There is an increase of 2021 million in employment in 3,2 compared to the previous year. With this increase, the unemployment rate decreased to 11,4 percent. Our exports are achieving unprecedented success in the history of the Republic. We closed last year with 225 billion dollars of exports. This year, the trend continues to rise. Hopefully, with the end of the fluctuation in inflation, we will enter a period where we will get closer to the target of a big and strong Turkey.” used the expressions.


Mentioning that the sector representatives talked about the effects of the recent developments on the economy, especially on the manufacturing sectors, Varank said, “They mentioned that there may be a need for a Credit Guarantee Fund (KGF). Currently, there is a 60 billion lira KGF package open. All of our producers and businesses can benefit from this KGF package and actually carry out this process in a healthier way.” said.

17 thousand 680 companies

Varank stated that the machinery industry, operating with 17 thousand 680 companies, exceeded 153 billion dollars in revenue and reached 23 billion dollars in exports, and stated that they predicted the machinery industry exports to reach 27 billion dollars this year.


Emphasizing that they have made a great leap forward for the production of critical products imported with the understanding of national technology move in Turkey, Varank said, “In this context, we have determined the machine as one of the priority sectors of the Technology Oriented Industry Move Program. Within the scope of the machinery sector call we initiated, we announced a 20 billion lira support decision for 2 projects. All of these projects aim to produce strategically important products in Turkey.” said.


Explaining that the amount of R&D, innovation and digital transformation-oriented supports they offer to the machinery industry through TÜBİTAK and KOSGEB exceeds 1,5 billion liras, Varank added that the supports will continue.


Giving the good news of new support, Varank said, “We have designed a new support program through our Western Mediterranean Development Agency. Within the scope of the program, we will provide interest-free loan support up to 1 million TL for the investments of our manufacturing industry companies located in Antalya, Burdur and Isparta. Applications to the program continue until April 10. used the expressions.

Emre Gencer, Chairman of the Machinery Manufacturers Association, Ahmet Bozkurt, Deputy Chairman of İMDER, and Serkan Karataş, President of İSDER, also made speeches at the fair.

Varank visited the fair and got information, tested it by getting on some construction machines.

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