Hero Guards of the Fight Against Terror Will Save Lives in Disasters

Hero Guards of the Fight Against Terror Will Save Lives in Disasters
Hero Guards of the Fight Against Terror Will Save Lives in Disasters

In Van, where disasters such as earthquakes, floods and avalanches have been experienced in the past years, the search and rescue team of 40 people, consisting of security guards who have played an active role in the fight against terrorism for years, will also take an active part in the field in case of possible disasters.

The security guards, who are the biggest assistants of the security forces in the fight against terrorism in Van, will also work effectively in disasters thanks to the training they receive.

In Van, where events such as earthquakes, floods and avalanches falling from high-altitude mountains in the past have caused suffering, work continues to form teams to combat disasters.

Within the scope of the work initiated by the Provincial Directorate of Disaster and Emergency, security guards within the Provincial Gendarmerie Command, who actively support the fight against terrorism by participating in operations with the gendarmerie teams because they know the region well in the province and district, were included in the search and rescue team.

Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN), urban search and rescue, wreck access, high and deep rescue, area safety, concrete mass removal and first aid trainings, lasting 40 weeks, to a team of 4 village guards working in Çatak, Başkale, Bahçesaray and Muradiye districts. given.

The guards who successfully complete the training will take an active part in search and rescue in a possible disaster in their duty areas after the exercise to be held in the coming days.

We Should Always Be Prepared for Disasters

Provincial Disaster and Emergency Manager Ali İhsan Körpeş said that the region comes to the fore with disasters every year, so they focus on their efforts to combat disasters.

Explaining that they formed the Çığ team last year and a search and rescue team this year in the first leg of the project they prepared for the security guards, Körpeş said that 2021 was declared the training year by our Minister of Interior, Mr. Süleyman Soylu. 2022 was declared the year of the exercise. We will put the training we received in 2021 on the field with the exercises we will organize as both teams and citizens. In this context, security guards, who have made serious contributions to the fight against terrorism, will also work to save our citizens in a possible disaster. He said, “We have formed a Ranger Search and Rescue KORAK team of 40 people.

Stating that the team was given training in many fields under the coordination of AFAD Education Department, Körpeş said: This project will be implemented in 13 provinces. It was first started in Van. In the urban search and rescue trainings, our security founders received training on how to save our survivors in a building destroyed in a disaster. We must always be prepared for disasters. A team of 40 people was formed in Van. I think that our security guards knowing the region well and getting used to the geography and culture of the region will provide better efficiency in search and rescue.

We Want To Do Our Best

KORAK Team Chief Erdal Çetin stated that the team consisting of village guards will undertake important tasks in disasters, and said, "It is a great help to extend a hand to a living creature, a casualty." We are very happy to help our country and our nation. As security guards, we are preparing for a possible disaster. "We want to do our best," he said.

Security guard Güven Aydemir, on the other hand, was very touched when the baby Azra was rescued in the 2011 earthquake in Van. God forbid, I would like to experience the feeling experienced by the teams that brought out that baby at that moment, but in a possible disaster. "I know how important it is to save a life," he said.

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