Disaster Awareness Training Programs Begin in Başkent

Disaster Awareness Training Programs Begin in Başkent
Disaster Awareness Training Programs Begin in Başkent

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is launching a training attack to increase the level of preparedness and awareness of the citizens of the capital city regarding disasters and emergencies. While the training programs prepared under the coordination of the Department of Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement are aimed at raising the awareness of volunteers, the "Neighborhood Based Disaster Awareness Training Program" and "Apartment Officers Disaster Awareness Training Program" will start in the first place.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has added a new one to its activities to raise awareness and raise awareness of citizens against natural disasters.

Taking action to increase the level of awareness about natural disasters, the Department of Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement, Disaster Technologies Monitoring and Training Branch prepared comprehensive training programs for all stakeholders of the city.

Detailed information about the trainings that will start with the "Neighborhood Based Disaster Awareness Training Program" and the "Apartment Officers Disaster Awareness Training Program" can be found at ankara.bel.tr.


Neighborhood Based Disaster Awareness Training, which will be held in the first phase, will be given to the existing Neighborhood Based City Council and its components based in Ankara.

Thanks to the trainings aimed at providing preliminary information and raising awareness by creating the first contact points with the disaster basic trainings, each volunteer will have a job description, and thus, disasters can be responded to in the right way and faster. It will also be possible to respond to the difficulties experienced in responding to disasters and emergencies by creating the right equipment and a comprehensive communication network.

With the training program, each volunteer will become more conscious of what to do in case of disaster, and he will be able to intervene quickly with the division of labor to be done.

The location, day and hour schedule of the “Neighborhood Based Disaster Awareness Training Programme” is as follows:

-26 February 2022 13.00-17.00 Cebeci (Çankaya House Oba Street entrance, next to Cebeci Mosque)

-05 March 2022 13.00-17.00 Öveçler(Nazım Hikmet Çankaya House, Sokullu Mehmet Paşa Mahallesi, 1361 Street, No:2)

-12 March 2022 12.00-16.00 Ayrancı(Ayrancı Bahar House, Kuwait Street, Hüseyin Onat Street, No:1)

-26 March 2022 12.00-16.00 Esat(Bayraktar Çankaya House, Bayraktar District, Bayraklı Street, No:19)

-27 March 2022 12.00-16.00 100th Anniversary(Çiğdem Çankaya House (Hasan Ali Yücel Çankaya House) 1551 Street, across Park Sitesi, No: 21 Karakusunlar)

-10 April 2022 13.00-17.00 Çayyolu (Çayyolu District Council, Mutlukent District, 1920 Street, 1924 Street)


In the second phase of the training programs, in the light of the data obtained as a result of the interviews with the apartment officials and the field studies, the apartment officials will also be included in the disaster and emergency response processes.

The first contact points will be created with awareness disaster basic trainings that will be given to apartment workers in Ankara, which is affiliated to the Konut-Sen Union, within the scope of the 'Disaster Education Year'. It will be ensured that the difficulties experienced in responding to emergencies will be intervened with the right equipment at the right time with the volunteers. In the event of a disaster, it is also envisaged that the apartment officials in the buildings where the incident occurred, be educated and conscious about this issue, and that their forward planning should be done together with the residents or the site management.

“Apartment Officers Disaster Awareness Training Program”; It will be held on 13 March, 2 April and 9 April 2022 between 10.00-15.00 at Nazım Hikmet Cultural Center Yıldız Kenter Hall.


Mutlu Gürler, Head of Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement Department, emphasized that they aim to raise awareness with the project that will enable volunteers to intervene at the right time with the right equipment, and gave the following information:

“We will ensure that the apartment officials are included in the disaster and emergency response processes in a more educated and conscious way related to the issue of disaster, and that the information to be entered into the system by the apartment staff is stored in a regular and coordinated manner with the software designed for the project. Although there are software and systems used to respond to disasters and emergencies, these systems may lose their effectiveness in some situations and conditions. E.g; After an earthquake, many systems, including telecommunication systems, can collapse even for 4-5 minutes. Therefore, even this process is very long and vital for a disaster. The aim of the project is to minimize this loss of time with its own software infrastructure and to ensure that the correct intervention is made with the information that our volunteers will enter into the database.”

Stating that the training program project emerged with the idea that human life and human rights are more valuable than anything else, Gürler underlined the vital importance of any information to be provided to the teams that will respond during a possible disaster:

“Thanks to the software infrastructure to be obtained with the project, many information will be included in our database in detail before, during and after the disaster. With this data, the effectiveness and efficiency of the interventions will be at the maximum level and it will be of great benefit for us to protect the human life, which we care about the most.”


Awareness Training Programme; It will be held in cooperation with professional organizations and NGOs such as the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB), Turkish Medical Association (TTB), Union of Turkish Bar Associations (TBB), Ankara City Council, Çankaya City Council, AKUT.

While preparing the training content and methods; Joint studies will also be carried out with METU, Hacettepe University, Ankara University, Gazi University, Disaster Research Centers and Education Faculties.

While the "Disaster Volunteer University Student Societies", which took the first step with the students of Ankara Faculty of Political Sciences, continue their work, they also completed their preparations to establish a "Disaster Awareness Memorial Forest" with the project partnerships of the Science Tree Foundation and the Foresters Association of Turkey. Stating that they plan to come together with the volunteer students at the spring meeting in a short time, Gürler said that they will also create a "Disaster Awareness Memorial Forest".

Participants who successfully complete their training; disaster kit, training materials and technical material support will be recorded and given.

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