Manavgat Municipality's Unhindered Life Valley Project Received an Award

Manavgat Municipality's Unhindered Life Valley Project Received an Award
Manavgat Municipality's Unhindered Life Valley Project Received an Award

Manavgat Municipality was deemed worthy of an award with its “Accessible Life Valley Project” in the “ATRAX Star Awards'22 Entertainment and Recreation Awards Competition, which is the organization that awards the most successful entertainment, event, recreation and park projects in Turkey.

The only competition of the entertainment industry in Turkey, “ATRAX Star Awards 2022- Entertainment and Recreation Awards” found their owners with a ceremony held at the Istanbul Expo Center. “ATRAX Star Awards'22 Entertainment and Recreation Awards” took place for the 8th time this year. Works that add value to city life were determined by expert jury members. 13 projects were awarded at the award ceremony, which took place in 19 important categories. The "Valley of Unhindered Life" project, prepared by the Manavgat Municipality Survey and Project Directorate, deserves an award in the "Projects Adding Value to City Life" category. kazanwas.


At the ceremony, the award was received by Gulbahar Budak, Project Manager of Manavgat, on behalf of Manavgat Municipality and Mayor Şükrü Sözen. Manavgat Municipality's “Valley of Life Without Barriers” project, which was prepared with the title “Disability is not an obstacle to getting involved in life”, received full marks from the members of the jury. In the project, which was developed to contribute to the socialization and development of life skills of disabled citizens in the 65.000 m² nature area on the seashore, an environment was created where citizens would integrate with nature by doing sports, picnics, camping and entertaining activities, and their quality of life would be increased with therapy techniques such as hippotherapy, hydrotherapy, and plant therapy.

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With the project, it was ensured that the participation of disabled citizens in city life was facilitated and awareness of the disabled was increased. The Valley of Life Without Barriers project was aimed to be the first nature area in Turkey that disabled children and adults can benefit from. Manavgat Mayor Şükrü Sözen said, “Every municipality that values ​​people, families, people with disabilities and society is obliged to find solutions to social problems in their own unique circumstances. For this purpose, we have prepared our "Valley of Life Without Barriers" project. Our project brought an award. Congratulations to those who contributed to our project. We received our award on behalf of the people of Manavgat.”

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