ASELSAN Exhibited Unmanned Ground Vehicle Technologies

ASELSAN Exhibited Unmanned Ground Vehicle Technologies
ASELSAN Exhibited Unmanned Ground Vehicle Technologies

The Unmanned Land Vehicles and Military Robotic Technologies Ceremony was held at the FNSS campus with the coordination of the Defense Industry Presidency (SSB) Land Vehicles Department.

The ceremony, in which ASELSAN also took part, was attended by President of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, Chairman and General Manager of ASELSAN Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün, ASELSAN Deputy General Manager and MGEO Sector Head Mustafa Kaval, and military officials, police officials, unmanned land vehicle manufacturer company executives, industry representatives and the media.

“We are working for the battlefield of the future”

Making the opening speech of the event, President of Defense Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir said:

"Although it is not planned to leave the battlefield entirely to unmanned systems in the very near future, in the long term, unmanned systems will replace manpower in many different concepts, that unmanned land, air and sea vehicles working together to meet multi-operation needs will change the course of wars, and that the future battlefield will be composed of crewed and uncrewed elements. is predicted to occur. Based on this foresight, our work on unmanned land vehicles is to meet the current needs in the fastest way; We do this by considering both the long-term needs and the aim of being a pioneer in the field of unmanned land vehicles in the technologies of the future.”

After the project briefing made by the SSB Land Vehicles Department Modernization and Autonomous Projects Manager Esra Aydemir Sergeant, a video screening of medium and heavy class unmanned land vehicles was held.

ASELSAN's superior SGA technology was exhibited

In the organization where the unmanned land vehicles ecosystem meeting was held, SSB and ASELSAN and other participating companies Best Grup,
A Declaration of Intent Signing Ceremony was held between Elektroland and HAVELSAN for the mass production of medium-class unmanned land vehicles. After the signing ceremony, the platforms in the Light Class Unmanned Land Vehicles exhibition were examined by the delegation. In this context, Ertuğrul Bomb Disposal Robot with high mobility, developed by ASELSAN to neutralize hand-made explosives from a safe distance under difficult conditions, was exhibited.

After the exhibition screening, a fire capability demonstration was held in the test area within the scope of medium and heavy class unmanned land vehicles, including the ASLAN-Medium Class 1st Level Unmanned Ground Vehicle and Medium Class 2nd Level Unmanned Ground Vehicle developed by ASELSAN. ASLAN-ASELSAN Medium Class 1st Level Unmanned Ground Vehicle and ASELSAN Medium Class 2nd Level, capable of reconnaissance, surveillance, target detection in difficult terrain conditions, capable of carrying useful loads and autonomy to be used for different purposes, remote-controlled, superior mobility The Unmanned Ground Vehicle successfully demonstrated its mobility on the track, its weapon system and stabilization features, and its autonomy performances in accordance with the determined scenarios.

The high-capable platforms that emerged as a result of the successful work carried out by ASELSAN in the field of unmanned land vehicles were welcomed by the delegation and participants in the exhibition and demonstration.

Under the leadership of the Presidency of Defense Industries, work continues within the scope of Half-Life Modernization of the BARBAROS Class Frigate.

Firing activities of the 5/54 Gun Fire Control System (TAKS) prototype product, which was developed locally and nationally by ASELSAN within the scope of the contract for the modernization of BARBAROS Class Frigates between the Turkish Naval Forces Command and HAVELSAN-ASELSAN Business Partnership, for the verification of ballistic data (FCI-Fire Control Input) It was performed on the TCG BARBAROS Ship.

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