Agricultural Supports to be Paid to Farmers for This Year Announced

Agricultural Supports to be Paid to Farmers for This Year Announced
Agricultural Supports to be Paid to Farmers for This Year Announced

📩 11/11/2021 14:58

Agricultural supports to be paid to farmers included in the Farmer Registration System (ÇKS) for this year, and fertilizer and certified seed use supports to be applied in 2022 were determined. Within the scope of Turkey's Agricultural Basins Production and Support Model, 22 liras of support will be provided for wheat, barley, rye, oats and triticale, 20 liras for diesel oil and 42 liras for fertilizer.

“President's Decision on Agricultural Supports to be Made in 2021 and Fertilizer and Certified Seed Use Supports to be Implemented in 2022” was published in the Official Gazette.

Accordingly, within the scope of the Turkish Agricultural Basins Production and Support Model, farmers included in the ÇKS are provided with 22 liras of diesel oil and 20 liras of fertilizer per decare for wheat, barley, rye, oats and triticale, and 42 liras of diesel fuel for paddy and unseeded cotton. and 68 liras for fertilizer, 8 liras, chickpeas, dry beans, lentils, 76 liras for diesel and 24 liras for fertilizer, 8 liras for canola, safflower, 32 liras for diesel oil and 20 liras for fertilizer, 8 liras for potatoes, soybean. 28 liras, consisting of diesel fuel and 30 liras fertilizer, 8 liras, 38 liras of diesel oil and 29 liras of fertilizer, 8 liras for grain corn, 37 liras of diesel oil and 27 liras of fertilizer, 8 liras of diesel oil for onions and fodder crops. and 35 liras, 19 liras of which are fertilizers, 8 liras, 27 liras of which are for wet tea, hazelnuts, and 18 liras's of fertilizers, and 8 liras of which are 26 liras of diesel and 17 liras of fertilizer for olives and other products. 8 lira diesel support per decare will be provided for fallows.

As soil analysis support, 50 lira support will be given to authorized soil analysis laboratories per analysis up to 50 decares of agricultural lands at least 40 decares or more.

Support payments of 10 to 100 lira per decare will be made for organic farming, depending on their category.

15 LIRA SUPPORT TO BEekeepers PER Hive

Farmers engaged in bee breeding for hives registered in the Beekeeping Registration System and the Organic Agriculture Information System will receive a support of 15 TL per hive.

Support for good agricultural practices will also vary between 10 and 150 lira per decare, depending on their categories. 100 lira per decare will be paid to support small family businesses.

Area-based income support for hazelnut producers will be paid as 170 lira per decare for production in designated locations. A support payment of 20 TL per decare will be made within the scope of solid organic-organomineral fertilizer support. Within the scope of the rehabilitation support of traditional olive groves, a support of 100 lira per decare will be given.


The supports to be given for the products to be grown in the basins determined within the scope of difference payments were also determined.

In this context, 50 cents per kilogram for oily sunflower, dried beans, chickpeas and lentils, 110 cents for seed cotton, 60 cents for soy, 80 cents for canola, 55 cents for aspirate, 3 cents for grain corn, 10 cents for wheat, barley, oats, rye, triticale and paddy rice. support will be provided for 80 cents for olive oil, 13 cents for fresh tea and 15 cents for grain olives.

An additional 50 percent support will be paid to the difference payment for those who plant chickpeas and lentils in regions with water restrictions. No support payment will be made for grain corn, except for areas irrigated by drip irrigation.

Turkey Tarim Basin Production and Support diesel products that are determined in the grown outside the basin of products supported under the Model, fertilizer, pay the difference, domestic use of certified seed, not be given support for income-based fodder and nut area.

Among the supports, real and legal entities, except for the public institutions and organizations whose personnel, product, land information is registered in the FRS and that are located in the determined basins, where they produce the products that are essential to support in the lands, are determined by the provincial and district directorates of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and make support applications within the legal period to be determined. people will benefit.


The difference payment support to be made to fresh tea producers will be made to the farmers who produce in the areas determined by the "Decision on Determination of Tea Agricultural Fields and Granting Licenses to Producers Engaging in Tea Cultivation in These Areas", which was put into effect by the decision of the Council of Ministers in the determined basins and granted a license by the General Directorate of Tea Enterprises.

Studies will be carried out to use systems that make remote monitoring and yield determination for the products and production areas harvested with harvesting machines.


Within the scope of the Agricultural Basins Production and Support Model, support for forage crops will be provided to producers who cultivate perennial and annual forage crops to produce roughage on their lands registered with the ÇKS, provided that they harvest the product.

Forage crops production support, 90 TL for sainfoin, 60 TL for annual fodder crops, 100 TL for silage plantings (irrigated), 150 TL for artificial meadow pasture, 90 TL for perennial fodder crops, dry It will be 40 lira for those who do.

An additional 50 percent support will be given to forage crop support for fodder peas, vetch, Hungarian vetch, vetch and damson planted this year in basins where groundwater is insufficient and water constraints are determined by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

In order to ensure natural pollination, breeders using bumblebees will be paid 60 lira per colony in greenhouse units registered in the Ministry's Greenhouse Registration System.


In the field of animal husbandry, 4 lira support will be provided per animal for calves born from cows that are 810 months old and over, whose first calving age is 450 days at the most, or 370 days between the last two calvings, whose scheduled vaccinations have been completed.

A support of 600 lira will be provided for calves born from artificial insemination of beef or combined breed bulls with their semen or natural insemination of these breeds with Ministry-permitted bulls.

Additional support of the calves registered in the stud book will be made in line with the unit price and conditions to be determined by the Ministry.

An additional 50 lira support will be paid to the calves born as a result of artificial insemination from the bulls within the scope of the Progeny Control Protocol.

Up to 20 heads, 21 percent for 100-75 heads, 101 percent for 500-50 heads, will be paid for the unit amounts of payment per calf that meet the calf support conditions.

Additional 100 for calves born in Ağrı, Ardahan, Artvin, Bayburt, Bingöl, Bitlis, Elazığ, Erzincan, Erzurum, Giresun, Gümüşhane, Hakkari, Iğdır, Kars, Muş, Ordu, Rize, Sivas, Şırnak, Trabzon, Tunceli, Van TL support will be paid.


250 lira for female buffaloes, additional 200 lira for female buffaloes registered in the herd book, 4 lira for malachs of 250 months or more provided that scheduled vaccinations are completed, an additional 200 lira for malak registered in the herdbook, and an additional 250 lira for malak born from artificial insemination.

A support of up to 100 lira will be given for each cow of pure milkman or combined breed born from artificial insemination, whose milk content analysis for breeding purposes and meets the milk quality criteria determined by the Ministry.

A support payment of 1% of the heifer price to be determined by the Ministry will be made for the purchase of at least 50 head and maximum 40 heifers (including buffalo).

Animal owners will be paid 6 liras for all cattle, with the exception of disease-free business support, breeding bulls, and male animals over 450 months old.

Payment unit amounts per bee cattle will be applied by paying the full amount up to 500 heads, and 501 percent of the amount for 50 heads and above. In addition, an additional 100 lira support will be given for all cattle that receive bee business support in businesses with Approved Dairy Farm Certificate.

Period and unit price per animal for 1-200 head (including 200 head) who slaughter male cattle (including buffalo) registered in the registry systems of the Ministry, born in the country and completed the fattening period, in slaughterhouses in accordance with the legislation, and meeting the carcass weight criteria to be determined by the Ministry on the basis of race and species. Support will be paid, not exceeding 250 TL. For animals that are fattened after the publication of this decision, it will be required to register the start of fattening and the estimated slaughter date to the Red Meat Registration System.

Shepherds employment support will be paid to the enterprises or shepherds with 100 or more brood sheep and goats.

Breeders who are members of the breeding sheep-goat breeders' unions will be paid 30 lira per brood sheep, 35 lira per brood goat, an additional 20 lira per brood angora goat, and nomadic breeders will be paid an additional 2 lira per matrimonial sheep and goat.

A support of 125 lira per animal will be paid to the enterprises that received the support of brood sheep and goats in the previous year and increased the number of brood sheep and goats in the year of support, and those of the previous year's lambs and goats, and those who qualified as brood sheep and goats in the previous year, provided that they do not exceed the increase rate determined by the Ministry.

100 liras per animal for sheep-goats of breeders who are members of breeding sheep and goat breeders' associations included in the breeding program, registered with Ovine Stud Book and Pre-Pedigree Information System (SOYBİS) and Ministry's HBS, 500 liras for breeders who buy rams and goats raised in pedigree enterprises. Support will be paid per animal.


Producers who sell to the Mohair and Wool Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union (Tiftikbirlik) affiliated cooperatives, Breeding Sheep Goat Breeders' Associations or wool processing facilities registered with the Ministry in return for a producer's receipt and register them in the Mohair Registration System (TKS) Database 35 lira per kilogram of kid mohair, 30 lira per kilogram of main mohair. A payment of 22 liras, 10 liras per kilogram of secondary mohair, and an additional XNUMX liras will be made for lint produced within the scope of contracted production.

120 lira per box distributed to Koza Agricultural Sales Cooperatives Union (Kozabirlik), which provides free seeds in silkworm cultivation, and 80 lira per kilogram of fresh cocoon to the growers who sell the fresh silkworm cocoons produced by Kozabirlik / cooperatives or to enterprises with legal personality qualifications whose field of activity is to shoot and process silk from the cocoon with flatur. payment will be made.

Producers who are members of breeder unions and / or producer unions, which are registered in the Ministry Beekeeping Registration System, will be provided with support of 20 lira per hive with bees, and 80 lira per breeding queen they purchase from breeder queen bee producers who have obtained a production permit from the Ministry.

This year, as a result of the determination made by the damage assessment commissions due to natural disasters (fire and flood), growers whose hives are damaged will be paid 30 lira per beehive, and growers who experience loss of production due to damage to pine honey production areas will be paid 30 lira per kilogram to compensate for product loss.

Waste support of 1000 TL for bovine waste, 150 TL for small cattle wastes, 1,5 TL per bovine animal for practitioners for scheduled vaccinations and earring applications determined by the Ministry, within the framework of combating animal diseases. 1 TL support payment will be made per small cattle.

Biological and biotechnical control support will be between 70 and 500 liras per decare in order to reduce the use of chemical pesticides and prevent residues by extending biological or biotechnical control against harmful organisms that are harmful to plant production.


Within the framework of aquaculture support, including 350 thousand kilograms, 0,75 lira per kilogram for trout, 1,5 lira each for new species, closed system production, over-kilogram trout breeding and carp, and 10 cents per kilogram for mussels will be provided.

Up to 10 thousand hatchery breeding trout support will be 60 lira per fish, 30 lira per kilogram including 1 thousand kilograms for fish farming in soil ponds, and 0,25 lira per kilogram in the Digital Agriculture Market (DİTAP).

For the projects implemented by the Ministry within the scope of support for on-site protection and development of animal genetic resources, breeders are given 600 lira per animal for bovine protection, 90 lira per animal for ovine protection, 800 lira for cattle pedigree protection, 45 lira per hive for bee protection, 115 lira per kilogram for silkworm protection, For sheep, goats and their offspring in the breeding program, 80 liras per animal in the elite herd, 40 liras in the base herd, buffalo breeding (brood buffalo) in the hands of the public, 960 liras per animal for bulls and buffalo that gave birth within the year, 600 liras, 225 liras per animal for buffalo (heifer/falcon) and 225 liras per animal for breeding male material (ram-goat).

In order to prevent the transmission of new harmful organisms, eradication and control of the existing ones, and to prevent their spread, within the scope of the necessary quarantine measures in accordance with the relevant legislation, the 4-year product price with the prohibition period for hazelnuts is 26,5 lira per kilogram for once for the same area, for stone fruits. A one-time plant quarantine compensation support payment of 3 lira per kilogram will be given for the same area of ​​the 6-year product price with the prohibition period.


Within the framework of domestic certified seed use support, 5 liras for safflower, 20 liras for canola, 4 liras for sesame, 16 liras for barley, wheat, rye, triticale, oats, paddy, 30 liras for dry beans, lentils and clover, and chickpeas 20 liras, 100 liras for potatoes, 22 liras for vetch, fodder peas, sainfoin and soybean, and 17 liras for peanuts. 2022 production year certified seed use support will be 24 liras per decare for barley, wheat, rye, triticale, oats and paddy.

Certified seedling/sapling use support 400 lira for pistachios, walnuts, almonds, blue berries and aronia, pear, quince, apple, cherry, nectarine, peach, plum, lemon, tangerine, orange, apricot, cherry, olive, other fruit types and vine (excluding pomegranate and banana) will be 280 lira, and for certified strawberry seedlings and garden plant, it will be 400 lira per decare.

For farmers registered in ÇKS, which is accepted as a seed organization authorized by the Ministry, who produce/produce and certify certified seeds in the country, sell them domestically, they produce various certified seeds this year and original/basic and higher seeds per kilogram depending on the type. Domestic certified seed production support payment will be made.

A support of 0,5 lira per certified grafted seedling and 0,25 lira per ungrafted seedling will be provided.

The Farm Accountancy Data Network System will continue to be implemented in 81 provinces and 6 TL will be paid per enterprise to the 600 thousand enterprises registered last year.

As agricultural extension and consultancy support, 5 thousand liras will be paid for each agricultural consultant, including a maximum of 46 agricultural consultants, who are authorized by the Ministry and provide agricultural extension and consultancy services, and a maximum of 12 agricultural consultants in the chamber of agriculture and producer organizations. Payments will be made in two equal tranches based on XNUMX months of service delivery.

In order to develop information and technologies related to the priority issues needed by the Ministry and the agricultural sector, and to transfer these to farmers and agricultural industrialists, support payments will be made to R&D projects approved by the Ministry.

On the other hand, the product lists to be supported within the framework of the Agricultural Basin Production and Support Model were also included in the decision.

The said decision entered into force as of today, effective from 1 January 2021.

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