Will There Will Be Total Closure During Ramadan?

full closure of Ramadan, you are your husband
full closure of Ramadan, you are your husband

Today, the Scientific Committee will meet, and tomorrow the Cabinet will be chaired by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Case increases will be discussed at both meetings. It will be clear at these meetings whether there will be new measures, including the option of full closure during Ramadan. kazanIt will shape new decisions to be implemented throughout Ramadan. In both meetings, “Will there be a full closure in Ramadan?” A definitive statement will be made by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday.

The implementation is expected to be based on strict rules and strict control as 6 months ago. Experts state that social mobility will decrease due to Ramadan, and it would be appropriate to suppress the cases by using this opportunity. After Ramadan, it is expected that the bans will continue during the festival.

Almost all provinces in Turkey Map Red was Impersonation

It was learned that the preparations were for the tourism season, and it was planned to enter the season as a country with the number of cases under control. According to the information, the UK, Turkey sends more tourists to countries like Germany and Russia "red code" that will determine countries. It is stated that preparations have started on this subject. With Turkey's current figures are intended to prevent the presence of risky countries.

Tourism Arrangement for Complete Closure

In the meetings held, experts state that with the effect of the new decisions to be taken, the cases will decrease at the end of April 2021, after the second half of May, they will be relieved, and the cases will decrease to 20 thousand. It is stated that the goal is to stay at the level of 10 thousand cases in the summer months. (Nuray BABACAN)

1-2 months of strict control policies will be implemented to correct Turkey's report. It is stated that even if these countries do not directly impose a ban, they impose a 14-day quarantine obligation on their return to the countries they declared risky, which is a deterrent for tourists. If the reduction of the number of cases in Turkey, the severe shortage in the number of tourists would concern is being expressed would provide firmer decisions to be taken.

Full Shut Down and Shut Down Options

In line with today's recommendations of the Scientific Committee, which will discuss Ramadan measures in order to reduce the number of cases and deaths, new measures that can be taken in the Presidential Cabinet will meet tomorrow.

The reasons for the increase in the number of cases in the cabinet, new steps to be taken, the point reached in vaccine supply, and domestic vaccination studies will be discussed in all aspects. Health Minister Fahrettin you about the general statements on Turkey coronavirus husband, Minister of Education and Interior Minister Ziya Selcuk Suleyman Soylu, will give a briefing. The most important agenda item of the cabinet, which will meet on Tuesday instead of Monday for the first time in a long time, will again be the fight against coronavirus and new measures that can be taken.

Eid al-Fitr tightening measures until the end of the meeting, President Tayyip Erdogan's speech pointed out that the whole of Turkey "to rest" formula will be discussed.

In parallel with the increase in occupancy rates in hospitals, "collective visits" will be banned in the next month in order to reduce mobility, especially at iftar and sahur times, and to decrease the number of cases.

Intercity Travel Limitations May Come

It will be on the agenda to impose restrictions on intercity travel in order to prevent transit from the province, especially during the Ramadan Feast, and changing the duration of the curfews applied at certain hours on weekends and weekdays, taking into account the iftar and sahur hours.

In addition, the food sections of cafes, restaurants, restaurants and shopping malls will only serve as takeaway during Ramadan.

There may be a limitation of time in the public sector

Among the formulas considered are the prohibition of mass iftars and sahur, and the restriction of visiting family and relatives, from the transition to gradual work in the public sector.

Online Education Can Be Used Again

In very high-risk provinces, face-to-face education is also planned to be suspended, except for grades 8 and 12. It is also aimed to increase the vaccination rate of teachers by interrupting face-to-face education in Ramadan.

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