IMM Hot Fast-breaking Dinner for 20 Thousand, 20 Thousand Food Packages Will Be Offered Every Day

ibb will be served a hot iftar meal for a thousand people and a thousand food items every day
ibb will be served a hot iftar meal for a thousand people and a thousand food items every day

IMM is preparing to provide services that will keep the spiritual atmosphere and benevolence of Ramadan alive under pandemic conditions. A hot meal for 20 thousand people will be distributed every day for iftar throughout the city. For passengers who cannot reach iftar, food packages for 20 thousand people will be offered at the transfer points. Concerts reflecting the cultural flavors of the month of Ramadan, children's activities with Hacivatlı Karagöz and sohbet programs will meet with Istanbulites on social media.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) will not be able to offer mass iftar and face-to-face cultural and artistic activities, due to the ongoing pandemic restrictions during this year's Ramadan. However, various services suitable for pandemic conditions and the spiritual atmosphere of the month of Ramadan will bring Istanbulites together.

In this context; During the month of Ramadan, a hot meal for 20 thousand people will be distributed to citizens every day for iftar. Meals will be served to the citizens through the soup kitchens of the district municipalities, which request from IMM and have suitable infrastructure.

In addition, passengers who will not be able to reach their homes for iftar will be provided with mobile kiosks and municipal vehicles with food for 15 thousand people at 20 main transportation points such as metrobus and metro stops, ferry ports and squares every day.

Iftar and sahur materials demanded by the healthcare workers staying in the guesthouses of IMM and the police units will also be met.


Due to the pandemic conditions, IMM carried its cultural activities for the month of Ramadan to social media channels. All of the online Ramadan events will be broadcast on the social media accounts of IMM and Kültür AŞ.

During the month of Ramadan, programs that will reveal our cultural heritage and reflect the indispensable tastes of this month will meet with Istanbulites online. In addition to concerts and children's events, beloved and expert names in the field sohbet will realize the programs.

It will be realized by IMM affiliate KÜLTÜR AŞ.Ramadan Concerts”Will bring together well-known names and groups, as well as artists working in different musical genres. We know with jazz vocals Ipek Dinc While interpreting works of Turkish Art Music Bora Gencer will accompany him with his digital piano. Ethnic music studies Burak MalcokIf the Ney of ' Contact Hasan directlyHe will meet with the Oud. At other concerts of the series Sercan Halilikemençe of Guler Tuncer vocal, Erman Turkelimeeting with 's keyboard, Melahat Gulses ve Bekir Unluataer It will take place with a 10-person reed group.

Heavenly Baktagir's law, Turgut Alp Bekoglu's drum, Mehtap Demir's pumpkin violin, Hakan Talu'nuntanburu and Sedat Anarwill be a guest with his santur "With masters Sohbet"Programs are enjoyable and informative to unforgettable music feasts. sohbets to be accompanied.

First guests Fusun Demirel ve Altan Maleli which is “Ramadan SohbetsPopular names will share their memories of Ramadan and interesting anecdotes about the month of Ramadan. Ramadan Sohbetduring the month of Ramadan Ahmet UmitNebil Ozgenturk ve Gani Mujde It will continue with names such as. also Ilber OrtayliSinan Meydan on the historical and cultural heritage of Ramadan, Istanbul and Ramadan, with names such as “Tarih Sohbets”Will be realized.

"Kids ActivitiesIndispensable for both our cultural heritage and Ramadan. Karagoz - Hacivat s Ibis while puppet performances meet with children, “Cultural Tastes of Ramadan"The history and secrets of the indispensable Ramadan flavors such as pide and güllaç, their place in Istanbul and the tables, will be discussed with the masters of these flavors.

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