Ekol Logistics Invites Everyone to Visit Anıtkabir Online on April 23rd!

ekol logistics invites everyone to visit the anitkabir online in april
ekol logistics invites everyone to visit the anitkabir online in april

Ekol Logistics, 23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Dayin Mausoleumwill make a virtual visit to.Ekol Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ahmet Musulwill begin with the opening speech of Mausoleum on his trip, 14. Anıtkabir Commander, Nezih Aşıcı will be guided by his narrative.

Suspensory, In his narration that he will enrich with very special photographs from his own archive, Mausoleum will share many unknown details about him. During the trip, information will be shared about important parts such as the Lion Road where the main visit was made, the Ceremonial Area and the Monument Block where the Mausoleum is located, from the construction phase of the monument.  Asici, Anitkabir unknown detail about AtaturkHe will also convey the bird palaces that reflect the love of nature and animals during the trip.

23 April'in Mausoleumto visit the great leader AtaturkThe online visit, which removes the barriers created by the epidemic, will be open to anyone who wants to attend, from 7 to 70, for those who want to get to the spiritual peace of the outbreak.

This is out of the ordinary Mausoleum visit at 23:15.00 on Friday, April XNUMX YouTube It will be carried out with the broadcast that will start over. Event, https://youtu.be/mjwPZ4kobFs Link will be available for participation.

School'Fame"Anıtkabir could be visited online on 10 November via the micro site atamizaaskimizengeltanimaz.com, which he created with the slogan “Our love for our Ata does not know any obstacles”. Thanks to the platform, while Anıtkabir was visited from all over the world on November 10, those who wished also conveyed their messages to Ata.

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