Havaş Renews Cooperation With Qatar Airways Cargo By 2025

havas qatar renewed its cooperation with airways cargo until the year
havas qatar renewed its cooperation with airways cargo until the year

Havas global brand in Turkey's ground services, cargo and warehouse services that support their business partnership with Qatar Airways Cargo has renewed once again for five years.

Providing a full range of ground services at international standards to more than 200 airline customers in its portfolio, Havaş shook hands to extend its long-term cooperation with Qatar Airways Cargo until the end of 2025. With the renewed agreement, Havaş; Qatar Airways will continue to provide Cargo and warehouse services at Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya Airports and cargo services at Adana Airport. Undertaking the management and management of Qatar Airways Cargo's import and export cargo, Havaş will also continue to provide customs transportation service to Qatar Airways Cargo between its warehouses with its award-winning refrigerated vehicles designed for cargo requiring special transportation.

Havaş General Manager S. Mete Erna said, “As Havaş, we focus on continuously improving our activities with the latest trend solutions and adding value to our airline collaborations by putting customer satisfaction at our center. With this approach, we are pleased with the continuation of our agreement with Qatar Airways Cargo for warehouse and cargo services, with which we have achieved a harmonious synergy up to now. We offer privileged services with our refrigerated vehicles designed for the equipment fleet of our warehouses and suitable for special cargo transportation such as medicine and food. Refrigeration equipment, began to be used by Havas in place services for the first time in Turkey. In addition to our warehouse at Istanbul Airport, which we have doubled with an investment of approximately 11 million Euros, we have made investments in many new technologies and equipment, which are the first in the sector, in our 20 thousand 457 square meters warehouse facilities together with Ankara, Izmir and Antalya. We will continue to innovate in order to contribute to the success of all our business partners by further increasing the efficiency of our operations. ''

In its warehouses at Havaş, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya Airports; valuable cargo, perishable cargo, live animal, dangerous substance, radioactive material, etc. together with general cargo. hosts all private cargo. In the facilities where import and export cargo is carried out; There are special areas suitable for shipments of different nature, from perishable cargo that require cooling to live animal waiting rooms. It offers privileged services with its refrigerated vehicles for aircraft-warehouse, warehouse-aircraft transfers of perishable cargo that require special shipment. In addition, within the scope of bonded cargo transportation service, there are scheduled reciprocal flights between Istanbul-Izmir, Istanbul-Ankara and Istanbul-Antalya, including the refrigerated equipment in its fleet.

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