Commemoration Ceremony Held For Dumlupınar Martyrs!

Memorial ceremony was held for dumlupinar martyrs
Memorial ceremony was held for dumlupinar martyrs

The Dumlupınar submarine was a steel grave for 68 sailors 81 years ago. Dumlupınar, which sank to a depth of 4 meters as a result of the impact of a Swedish-flagged cargo ship off the Nara Burnu of Çanakkale on April 1953, 87, became the most casualty accident of the Turkish Navy after the Ertuğrul disaster. Turkey never falling from the agenda Dumlupýnar martyrs remembered with ceremony on April 4 each year.

Our Dumlupınar martyrs, whom we entrusted to the deep blues of the Dardanelles as a result of an accident on the morning of April 04, 1953, kazanThe crew of our TCG ÇANAKKALE Submarine was commemorated by laying a wreath in the sea off Nara Cape, where the disaster took place.

The ceremony was also held for our Dumlupınar Martyrs at the Barbaros Martyrs' Memorial. On the 68th anniversary of their passing on to eternity, we commemorate with mercy, gratitude and respect our martyrs who sacrificed their lives to the homeland by saying "Let the Fatherland be alive" and whom we always live in our hearts.

TCG Dumlupinar

TCG Dumlupınar is a Turkish submarine that sank with a crew of 4 people on April 1953, 86, while returning from NATO Blue Sea exercise in the Mediterranean with I. İnönü submarine. He served the Turkish Navy between 16 November 1950 and 04 April 1953.

USS Blower

Electric Boat Co. for the US Navy in 1944. The first name of the Balao class submarine manufactured by Groton Connecticut was USS Blower (SS-325). Arriving at Pearl Harbor on December 16, 1944, the submarine was repaired and overhauled by II. He embarked on his first patrol mission during World War II on January 17, 1945. Completing three separate patrol missions on Java Island and the South China Sea, he anchors at the Australian port of Fremantle on July 28, 1945. He participates in exercises in the Mariana Islands area in September 1945. It remained connected to the Pacific Fleet between 1946-1949. He participated in radar and sonar exercises in Alaska from August to September 1948. The submarine, which was transferred to the Atlantic Fleet in 1950, comes to Philadelphia on March 3 and goes into maintenance. Turkish Naval Forces personnel receive training on the submarine that arrived in Connecticut on September 27. On 16 November 1950 the submarine removed from the US inventory is transferred to the Turkish Navy under the Joint Defense Support Act between the US and Turkey, and takes the name USS Blower.

Dumlupınar disaster

In 1953, while watching from the water at night connecting April 3 to April 4, at around 2.10 o'clock, she collided with a Swedish cargo ship named Naboland off Nara Cape in the Dardanelles. Naboland hit Dumlupınar from the starboard side of the head torpedo chamber. Due to the severity of the collision, 8 people on the deck of Dumlupınar fell into the sea. 8 out of 2 people got caught in a propeller and one died by drowning.

The Customs Engine came first to the scene. The 5 survivors were taken to Çanakkale by the Customs Engine and admitted to the hospital. The submarine sank so quickly that only 81 of the 22 people on board could take shelter in the aft torpedo compartment. 22 people trapped here threw the sunk buoy to the surface. With the sunrise, the buoy was seen by the fishing boats wandering around. The Customs Motor immediately came to the buoy. Selim Yoludüz, the second wheel of the Customs Engine, waited for an answer by lifting the handset on the buoy and saying "Hello". Petty Officer Selami Özben, who answered from the submarine; He reported that the electricity was cut, the ship was leaning 15 degrees to the starboard side, that there were 22 people in the aft torpedo room. Selim Yoludüz said that the Kurtaran ship will come. Around 11.00:72, Kurtaran arrived at the scene. The work went on non-stop for XNUMX hours. However, the studies were inconclusive due to the severe discharge in the throat. Hopes were lost for those on the submarine now.

The 81 people who died in the submarine are commemorated on April 4 of each year.

Seafarers Who Lost Their Lives at TCG Dumlupınar


  1. Commodore Staff Colonel Hakkı Burak,
  2. Machine Senior Captain Naşit Öngören,
  3. Machine Captain Affan Kayali,
  4. Deck Lieutenant İsmail Türe,
  5. Machine Lieutenant Fikret Coşkun,
  6. Deck Lieutenant Bulent Orkunt,
  7. Deck Lieutenant Macit Şengün
  8. Machine Lieutenant Ahmet Er

Petty Officer Senior Attorneys General 

  1. Astsb. Kd. Shh. Ali Tayfun,
  2. Astsb. Kd. Shh. Emin Akan,
  3. Astsb. Kd. Shh. Mehmet Denizmen,
  4. Astsb. Kd. Shh. Omer Oney,
  5. Astsb. Kd. Shh. Sait Yildirim,
  6. Astsb. Kd. Shh. Şevki Özsekban,
  7. Astsb. Kd. Shh. Hasan Tahsin Cebeci,
  8. Astsb. Kd. Shh. Mehmet Fidan,

Petty Officer Sergeant Major 

  1. Astsb. Shh. Cemal Kaya,
  2. Astsb. Shh. Cemaleddin Denizkıran,
  3. Astsb. Shh. Hüseyin Uçan,
  4. Astsb. Shh. Kemal Acun,
  5. Astsb. Shh. Naci Özaydın
  6. Astsb. Shh. Saladin Cetind,
  7. Astsb. Shh. Clever Expense,
  8. Asstb. ucvs. Sabri Gudeberk,
  9. Astsb. Shh. Ulvi Erhazar
  10. Astsb. Shh. Fevzi Gürsan,

Petty Officer Sergeants 

  1. Asstb. Cv. Bahri Sertesen,
  2. Asstb. Sergeant Hamd Reis,
  3. Asstb. Rev. Ibrahim Altintop,
  4. Asstb. Sergeant İhsan Aral,
  5. Astsb. Sergeant İhsan Coşkun,
  6. Asstb. Sergeant İhsan İçdemir,
  7. Astsb. Sergeant Mehmet Ali Yılmaz
  8. Astsb. Sergeant Mustafa Doğan,
  9. Asstb. Sergeant Necdet Yaman,
  10. Asstb. Sergeant Samim Nebioğlu,
  11. Asstb. Sergeant Selami Özben,
  12. Astsb. Sergeant Shaban Mutlu
  13. Asstb. Çevş. Tuğrul Çabuk,
  14. Asstb. Çvş. Zeki Açıkdağ,

Taxpayer Sergeants 

  1. Sergeant Ramazan Yurdakul, (from Rize)
  2. Çvş.Veysel Saygılı, (Karasulu)

Taxpayer Corporals 

  1. Emin Suzen, (from Bodrum)
  2. Mehmet Kızılışık, (from Bodrum)
  3. Murat Yildirim (from Trabzon)
  4. Niyazi Giritli, (from Milas)
  5. İbrahim Processor, (from Istanbul)
  6. Zugfer Ceylan, (from Istanbul)


  1. Ahmet Gunal, (Lapsekili)
  2. Ahmet Özkaya, (Inebolu)
  3. Ali Aslan, (from Edremit)
  4. Ali Kökçü, (from Biga)
  5. Bekir Sarı, (from Şileli)
  6. Enver Ucar, (Canakkale)
  7. Feridan Kırcalı, (from Izmir)
  8. Intellectual Provider, (Tekirdağlı)
  9. Galip Yılmaz, (from Giresunlu)
  10. Hasan Arslan, (Wednesday)
  11. Hasan Bozoğlu, (Canakkale)
  12. Hasan Kelleci, (Relative)
  13. Hüdai Cagdan, (Corlulu)
  14. Huseyin Kayan, (from Bartin)
  15. Huseyin Sayim, (Bigali)
  16. İbrahim Aksoy, (from Bursa)
  17. İsmail Özdemir, (Ordulu)
  18. Kadir Demiroglu, (Lapsekili)
  19. Kenan Odacioglu, (from Izmir)
  20. Mehmet Aydin, (Rizeli)
  21. Mehmet Demir, (from Giresunlu)
  22. Mehmet Demirel, (Canakkale)
  23. Murat Suyabatmaz, (from Inebolu)
  24. Mustafa Ozsoy, (Sökeli)
  25. Mustafa Tasci, (from Bartin)
  26. Necati Kalan, (from Foçalı)
  27. Nurettin Alabacak, (from Antalya)
  28. Nuri Acar, (from Marmaris)
  29. Ömer Yalçın, (from Bandırma)
  30. Ülfeddin Akar, (Lapsekili)
  31. Yusuf Demir, (Surmeneli)
  32. Tarik Gediz (Yozgat)

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