Buyukada Has Transformed To The Land Of Happy Horses!

Buyukada Has Transformed To The Land Of Happy Horses!
Buyukada Has Transformed To The Land Of Happy Horses!

IMM provides a meticulous service to the unattended horses in the Islands, accompanied by veterinarians and grooms. She takes care of them in private lodges of 14 square meters by providing all kinds of possibilities from grooming to treatment. Studies carried out to improve the quality of life not only for humans but for all living things have paid off. The horses, who were afraid of people in the first period of their purchase, managed to overcome their fears after the close attention shown. Büyükada has turned into the land of happy horses.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), which works with the principle of improving the quality of life not only for humans, but for all living things, continues to meticulously care for 114 horses in the Islands. In the facility built in Büyükada, each horse has its own 14 square meter lodge. Horses roam freely here without being tied up. He conducts small-scale trainings accompanied by experts on the sand track at the facility. He freely wanders around the promenade, whether in summer or winter.


Veterinarians do not interfere with the routine examinations of horses. He treats him when necessary. In addition to their health status, their care and nutrition are also closely taken care of. Horses trying to survive in very difficult conditions during the period when they are rushed to the carriage are not afraid of people after this close attention to them. They choose to endear themselves instead of running away from them.


Horses, joy of life again kazanThe most important factor in this situation is the regular grooming service provided by the grooms working within the IMM. This is nothing more than today's application of the approach of the proverb "Two feeds equals one grooming". Because grooming isn't just about keeping horses clean. It is also a massage for the horse. It increases their blood circulation. It makes the horse more enjoyable. A horse that is groomed regularly will have a healthier coat and mood. This healthy state is also reflected in the facial expressions of the horses.


Continuing its efforts to increase the quality of life of horses, Ahmet Atalık, Head of Department of Head of Department of Headquarters and Food, made the following statements on the subject:

“Our two veterinarians and 22 grooms care for our horses every day. We also receive consultancy services from Istanbul University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine on the health of our horses. We feed our horses with barley, bran, hay and straw. They do not have to be fed with the leftovers in the garbage of the restaurants as they used to be. They are extremely well cared for. They eat well. Our foals were also born. They also grew up. Now they continue their happy lives with their mothers in our barns. "


As it is known, with the removal of the phaetonism, which turned into an ordeal for everyone in the Islands, and the introduction of electric vehicles, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) bought a total of 117 horses in the region. Later, the horses that had been worked under bad conditions for years were appropriated so that their future lives would not turn into a torment. In this regard, official institutions, especially municipalities, were preferred for horses to receive healthy care. Afterwards, IMM delivered the horses to the institutions with which a protocol was signed, in a safe manner, in return for the signature of the authorities of the recipient party.

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