Withdraw Bursa Transportation Hike

Bursa transportation hike will be withdrawn
Bursa transportation hike will be withdrawn

There was a reaction from the Labor Party Bursa Provincial Head Hasan Özaydın to the hike in Bursa. Özaydın said, "Zam go back."

The Labor Party Bursa Provincial Organization reacted to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's affiliate BURULAŞ's increase in public transportation prices. Labor Party Bursa Provincial Chairman Hasan Özaydın called on "Local administrations should take action to solve the real problems of the laborers instead of pursuing a 'show".

In the written statement signed by the Labor Party Bursa Provincial Chairman Hasan Özaydın, “A new raise was added to the workers and laborers, who had a hard time in economic terms with the pandemic, by Burulaş, a subsidiary of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. Bursa is known as the city that uses the most expensive water in the country. Transport has now been added to this. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's announcement of the hike as 'continuing student-friendly transportation in Bursa' is an indication of the incapacity While the ruling party announced the hikes on basic consumption goods as an update, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, the local municipality of the government, said it was trying to minimize the reactions by declaring it as the continuation of student-friendly transportation ”.


Özaydın said that thousands of workers living in Bursa who are on unpaid leave are asked to live with 1420 lira per month and said, “Thousands of people are pushed into the bosom of poverty and hunger. It is not enough, workers who are in this situation or who have lost a quarter of their income are made in need of even a dry bread with the increases made. "Our city does not get enough of the hike, new hikes have been added by local governments on top of the hikes made by the government."


With the hike, the full ride on the metro is 3,50 TL and the discounted 3,00 TL; bus long line 4,40 TL, short line 3,90 TL, monthly full subscription increased by 15 percent to 230 TL. Reminding that now workers can go to the shortest distance in this city for 3,5 lira, Özaydın said, "The government, which boasted that 'we made a 500 lira raise to the minimum wage', said that the minimum wage for 2021 increased to 2,825 lira with the AGI (Minimum Living Allowance), which is the right of every wage earner. When it is removed, it tries to hide the fact that the minimum wage is at the hunger limit of 2600 lira. But this pink painting drawn by the government hits the wall of the facts and becomes shattered. If it is real, this is; The new minimum wage melted away before it got into the pockets of the laborers with the increase in the coming days. The price hikes for basic consumption products and basic services, especially transportation, should be withdrawn, and all wages, especially the minimum wage, should be increased ”.


Stating that local governments will pursue a “show” and that workers should take action to solve their real problems, Özaydın said, “We know that neither the government nor the local governments serve the laborers of this country and the city. Bosses, if not for them. "While they are wiping out the debts of the companies they grew up with their hands on the other hand, they are rushing to cut the bill of the bad progress in the economy to the workers and laborers."

Özaydın, as the Labor Party, called on all Bursa citizens to fight together against the burden of the epidemic and crisis on the backs of the workers, and the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to immediately withdraw their transportation hikes.

The increase made by BURULAŞ for public transportation is as follows: With the new regulation made on public transportation prices in Bursa and will be implemented on April 1, 2021, the metro ride is 3,50 TL and the discounted 3.00 TL; bus long line 4,40 TL, short line 3,90 TL, monthly full subscription increased by 15 percent to 230 TL.

With the new price hike, the full ride on the metro increased from 2.90 TL to 3.50 TL, and the discount increased from 2.55 TL to 3.00 TL. Monthly full subscription was determined as 15 TL with an increase of 230 percent.

Source: Bursa / UNIVERSAL

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