The Anniversary of Laying the Foundations of KARDEMİR is Celebrated with Events

Anniversary of the foundation of the snow is celebrated with events
Anniversary of the foundation of the snow is celebrated with events

The 5th International Iron and Steel Symposium at Karabük University, International Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Symposium and the International 3rd April FENOFEM held in partnership with Karabük University and Karabük Chamber of Commerce, due to the foundation of Karabük Iron and Steel Factories (KARDEMİR) and the anniversary of the establishment of Karabük. Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals ”Industry Virtual Fair was opened. The program is the zoom platform due to the pandemic and also the official Karabuk University youtube his account was broadcast live to many countries on April 3 TV.

Opening of the 5th International Iron and Steel Symposium, International Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Symposium at Karabük University, and the International 3 April FENOFEM "Iron and Non-Ferrous Metals" Industry Virtual Fair held in partnership with Karabük University and Karabük Chamber of Commerce at Karabük University, 15 July Martyrs Conference Hall done. The ceremony, which started with a minute of silence and the performance of our Turkish National Anthem, continued with opening speeches. Governor Fuat Gürel, Chief Public Prosecutor Koray Kesgin, Karabük University Rector Prof. Dr. Refik Polat, Deputy Mayor of Karabük Seher Berker, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Bahtiyar Yılmaz, Provincial Police Chief Sırrı Tuğ, Kardemir General Manager Necdet Utkanlar, TSO President Mehmet Mescier, institution directors, representatives of non-governmental organizations, academicians and guests attended.

"This year, around 200 international articles from different geographies of the world will be presented face to face and in virtual environment at our symposiums."

April 3 expressing you're turning point in the history of the Republic of Turkey KB Vice-Chancellor and also advisor to the symposium, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Yaşar; “The Iron and Steel Factory, whose foundations were laid in 1937, continues to direct the Turkish Industry. The success of our university, which is the only university in the world rankings established 70 years after Kardemir outside Ankara and Istanbul, continues exponentially. I wish this symposium and FENOFEM Industry Virtual Fair, which we held in cooperation with the university industry, will be beneficial to the education world and our industrialists. " said. Prof. Dr. Stating that he is happy to bring these three symposiums together with the industry and education world, Yaşar continued his words as follows. “This year, around 200 international articles from different geographies of the world will be presented to you face to face in our symposiums. Live all our presentations youtube and live on the fair page. We live in a digital age. We are working with great devotion to bring our companies in the metal sector to the world and to introduce them to the world. We contacted approximately 156 trade attache around the world. We tried to deliver the announcement of the fair to all companies. I wish the symposiums to be beneficial. " said.

"Our aim is to introduce companies to the world through digital transformation"

Kadir Decdeli, Vice Chairman of Kocaeli University Technopark Board of Directors and Chairman of the Global Market Board, introduced FENOFEM Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Virtual Fair on April 3 with digital transformation to the participants. Speaking of the global market, Decdel said that there are around 40 thousand industrial companies in the global market and their goals are the key in accordance with the digital transformation of these companies. sözcük with the products of the names and profiles of industrial products to introduce to the world and said that Turkey is to contribute to exports. In the continuation of his speech, Decdeli made a technical presentation about the fair and informed the participants.

"More and better quality production"

In his speech, Pehlivan Baylan, President of the Karabük Rolling Mill Association, emphasized the necessity of producing more and selling these products as a city and country. Continuing his words, Baylan said, “Increase your investments and production, if you do not increase them, you will be left behind, costs will increase and you will lose money. We also need to take our place in the world market by producing more and better quality. " He spoke in the form.
"Karabük is the capital and center of steel with the Turkish steel industry"

General Manager Necdet Utkin Kardemir Karabük who as well as being the city of the Republic of speech as steel and iron and steel industry, the capital of Turkey said that center. Utkanlar said that KARDEMİR started production with 84-250 thousand tons 300 years ago, and today it has exceeded 2,5 million tons. Continuing Utkanlar's words, “We aim to reach 3,5 million tons in the coming years. This will happen with additional investments. There are other missions on the back of KARDEMİR. We can not produce the products reveals no factories in Turkey. 72-meter-long railway tracks, high-speed train tracks. This year we will hopefully speed up the issue of railway wheels. There is the subject of heavy profiles. thick coils produced can not be produced anywhere in Turkey and the coil case. We are talking about materials that are very important for automotive, machinery manufacturing and especially the defense industry. " said.

"Let the heart of Iron Steel always be here and it will be scientifically crowned"

Rector Prof. Dr. Refik Polat said in his speech: “3 April is a very valuable date for Karabük. We made the Iron and Steel symposiums traditional by matching this date. We wanted the heart of iron steel to be always here, and that it would be scientifically crowned. As Karabük University, we bring students from 93 different countries. We support Karabük from this point of view. UNIVERSITIES We have the most international students in Turkey. This is an amazing figure for Turkey and Karabük. Everyone who hears it is surprised. Our plan is to announce the name of Karabuk University in the international community. We also achieved this. The name KBU is heard in many places around the world. We had a purpose. It was to make Karabuk University, established in a city with a population of 100 thousand, a world-renowned university. We have been ranked among the top thousand universities in the world for two years. This is an incredible source of pride for us. We will always continue to provide all kinds of scientific support to the symposiums. " said.

"Integration of the university with the city, integration with the industry is pleasing"

Karabük Governor Fuat Gürel started his speech by stating that "Kardemir is the engine of our city and the development of industry and the locomotive of our city". Continuing his speech, Gürel said, “This city also has a very modern university with a 14-year history under the leadership of both the industrialists and our university administrators. There is a student capacity that is not available in many universities, it has nearly 50 thousand students, on the other hand, we have a university with nearly 100 thousand international students from nearly 10 countries. Especially when we saw that foreign students did not go to their hometown during the pandemic period, their presence was felt more during their stay in our city. Our university is a pioneering organization in the industry, tourism and education of our city, and I would like to thank all those who contributed. Universities need to integrate with the city and industry, in this sense, it shows how important the activities of our university are, it is pleasing to integrate with the city and integrate with the industry. Hopefully, we will continue our activities to bring our scientists and industrialists together in the coming period, so I am sure that our industrialists will produce much higher quality products. We are in a city that exports to many countries of the world, it is not an easy task for so many companies to export from a city in the setting of Karabük. In this sense, we see how wide the horizons of our industrialists are, we have an industrial infrastructure with people who think that there is no product that they can not sell anywhere in the world, of course, Kardemir lies beneath all of them. " said.

The 5th International Iron and Steel Symposium and International Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Symposium will end on April 3, and the International FENOFEM “Iron and Non-Ferrous Metals” Industry Virtual Fair will end on April 5th.

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