Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Will Buy 100 Firefighters

Izmir Buyuksehir Municipality Presidency will make fire brigade recruitment
Izmir Buyuksehir Municipality Presidency will make fire brigade recruitment

In order to be employed within the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, subject to the Civil Servants Law No. 657; According to the provisions of the Municipal Fire Brigade Regulation, officers will be recruited by open appointment to the vacant positions specified below, provided that they have the title, class, grade, number, qualifications, KPSS score type, KPSS base score and other conditions.











qualifications Gender KPSS





     1 Fire Department Eri GPP 11 50 Graduating from one of the Firefighting and Fire Safety field and branches of Secondary Education Institutions. To have at least (C) class driver's license Woman man P94 Minimum 60 Points
2 Fire Department Eri GPP 10 50 Graduated from one of the Firefighting and Fire Safety, Firefighting and Civil Defense, Civil Defense and Firefighting Associate Degree programs. To have at least (C) class driver's license Woman man P93 Minimum 60 Points


The general and special conditions to be followed in the applications to be made for the vacant Fire Brigade cadres of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality are as follows.


Candidates who will apply to be appointed to the announced Fire Brigade cadres must have the following general conditions stated in sub-clause (A) of the first paragraph of Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48.

  • To be a Turkish citizen.
  • Not to be deprived of public rights.
  • Even if the periods specified in Article 53 of the Turkish Penal Code have passed; offenses against the security of the state, even if he has been sentenced to one year or more for a deliberate offense or amnesty, offenses against the constitutional order and its functioning, embezzlement, corruption, bribery, theft, fraud, fraud, abuse of trust, fraud not to be convicted of bankruptcy, mischief in tender, mischief in performance of the act, money laundering or smuggling.
  • For male candidates in terms of military status; Not having any interest in military service or not having reached the age of military service, or, if he / she has reached the military service age, to have completed active or postponed military service or to be transferred to the reserve class.
  • Not having mental illness or physical disability that may prevent him from performing his duty continuously.
  • To meet the other application requirements for the announced positions.


  • To meet the education requirements for the announced firefighter cadres as of the school they graduated from, and to have the minimum KPSS score specified in the type of score against the staff to be recruited from the 2020 Public Personnel Selection Exam.
  • Weighing and measuring should be at least 1.67 meters for males, at least 1.60 meters for females on an empty stomach, on an empty stomach, and at least 1 meters for females, and there is no difference of more than 10 kilograms (+, -) between the part with a height of more than 30 meter and weight and XNUMX be under age. Height and weight determinations will be made by our Municipality.
  • In terms of health, they must comply with the working conditions of the fire department, provided that they do not have a phobia such as closed space, narrow space and height.
  • Having at least (C) class driver's license given by the provisions of the Highways Traffic Law dated 13/10/1983 and numbered 2918 and specified in the qualification section of the table.
  • Not to have been previously discharged from disciplined or moral reasons from public institutions and organizations.


The application form will be provided from our Institution or our Municipality's website, izmir.bel.tr.

The following documents will be attached to the application form.

  • Photocopy of identity card or identity card,
  • Original, notarized copy of diploma or graduation certificate, or a QR code print from E-Government (copies can be certified by our Municipality, provided that the original is submitted),
  • Original or notarized copy of the Certificate of Equivalence for Foreign School Graduates (copies can be certified by our Municipality, provided that the original is submitted),
  • Original or notarized copy of the driver's license (copies can be certified by our Municipality, provided that the original is submitted),
  • Computer printout of KPSS Result Document with verification code taken from OSYM site,
  • Statement of non-military service for male candidates,
  • A statement that there is no obstacle to performing his duty continuously,
  • 2 biometric photos (1 of which will be pasted on the form),


Candidates, in order to take the oral and practical exam;

  • From 05.2021 to 28.05.2021, Along with the Application Form and the documents listed above, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Training Branch Directorate Şehit Er Mehmet Çadırcı Cad. No: 50 Şirinkapı Buca İZMİR, they will apply in person within working hours and complete the application process.
  • Applications made by post, mail or other means will not be accepted.
  • Applications made with incomplete information and documents or without qualifications will not be evaluated.


  • C. By checking the compatibility of ID number and OSYM records, candidates will be ranked according to their KPSS scores, starting from the candidate with the highest score, five times the number of vacancies to be appointed, candidates will be invited to oral and applied exam.
  • Other candidates who have the same score as the last candidate to be invited to the exam will be invited to the exam.
  • Right to take the exam kazanAfter the evaluation of the applications, the candidates will receive their KPSS scores and the place and time of the exam. 06.2021 the website of our municipality on http://www.izmir.bel.tr will be announced at.
  • Candidates whose applications are accepted and invited for the exam are given by our Municipality, where the identity information of the candidates and the place and date of the exam are "Exam Entrance Document" will be sent. This document will be presented at the entrance to the exam.
  • No notification will be made to candidates who cannot qualify for the exam.
  • Examination entrance documents are the right to take the exam kazanIt will be sent to the address specified in the contact information section of the application form. The address specified in the application form will be accepted as the notification address, and incorrect address notifications are the responsibility of the applicant.


Oral and practical exam 14.06.2021–09.07.2021 Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Training Branch Directorate Şehit Er Mehmet Çadırcı Cad. No: 50 Şirinkapı Buca, İZMİR. Exams will start at 09.00:XNUMX.

If the oral and practical exam cannot be completed on the same day, it will be continued the next day.

Right to take the exam kazanCandidates who do not attend the exam on the announced exam date and/or cannot attend due to an excuse will be deemed to have lost their right to take the exam.

The exam will be held in two parts, an oral and a practical one to measure the candidates' knowledge and abilities.

Oral examination;

  1. Constitution of Turkey,
  2. Ataturk's Principles and History of Turkish Revolution,
  3. Law No. 657 on Civil Servants,
  4. Basic legislation on local administrations,

It covers topics.

Practical exam, Measuring professional knowledge and ability related to the title of staff and measuring the characteristics such as driving and sportive endurance.


Oral examination; It is made over 25 full points in total, 100 points for each of the above-mentioned subjects, and the points awarded by the members of the examination board are recorded separately in the report.

Practical exam; It is made over 100 full points and the points awarded by the members of the examination board are recorded in separate minutes.

Evaluation in the exam; The exam score is calculated by taking 40% of the oral part of the exam and 60% of the applied part, and the scores given by the members of the exam board are recorded in a separate report. In order to be considered successful in the exam, it is necessary to get at least 100 points out of 60 full points.

The success score of the candidates for appointment is determined by taking the arithmetic average of the exam score to be calculated according to the above explanation and the KPSS score.https://www.izmir.bel.tr) is announced.

If the success scores of the candidates are the same, the higher KPSS score will be given priority.

Starting from the highest success score, candidates as many as the number of staff to be appointed are determined as the main candidate. The main candidate list will be announced on the website of our Municipality and written notification will also be made to those on the list. Having a score of 60 or more in the exam will not constitute an acquired right for candidates who cannot enter this ranking.

Exam results can be found on the website of our institution (https://www.izmir.bel.tr) in writing within seven days of its announcement, Mimar Sinan, Şair Eşref Blv. It can be appealed to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Human Resources and Training Department, Officer Personnel Branch Office, located in Kültürpark Hol-2 Konak İzmir. Objections will be concluded by the examination committee within seven days and the relevant person will be informed in writing.

Exam Board; At the end of the examination, it has the right not to take some or any of the positions announced in the examination announcement if the success scores are low or not sufficient.


Exam kazanAn advertisement will be published on the website of our Institution (izmir.bel.tr) for the documents to be requested from the candidates at the moment to constitute the appointment.

During the applications and procedures, the examinations of those who are found to make false statements or hide the truth in any way are deemed invalid and their assignments are not made. Even if the appointments of such cases are determined, their assignments are canceled. These persons cannot claim any rights and will be filed a criminal complaint with the Chief Public Prosecutor.

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