Lightning Target Aircraft System Converted to 200 Km Range Kamikaze Aircraft

Lightning target aircraft system converted to km-range kamikaze aircraft
Lightning target aircraft system converted to km-range kamikaze aircraft

Very successful UAV / SIH project their lives Raises Turkey, transforms high-speed target drone systems for highly critical systems

sihai in Syria and many UAV uses in the same area and managed by coordinating a world first in Turkey with this method, the subsystem project is also taking steps have been taken earlier. In this context, the target aircraft system called Şimşek was launched from a MALE class UAV, which was actively used for reconnaissance, intelligence and observation for the first time in the world.

TUSAŞ General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil made statements. Şimşek announced that the target aircraft system had been converted into a kamikaze aircraft with a range of 200 km. In his speech, Kotil stated that the Şimşek kamikaze plane can carry 5 kg of explosives and can be used by being integrated into S / UAV systems. The Şimşek kamikaze aircraft system, which was released from the ANKA S / UAV system in the past, can also be used from the AKSUNGUR S / UAV system.

According to Azeri defense industry sources, the Şimşek High Speed ​​Target Aircraft System, which was brought to Azerbaijan in late 2019 after negotiations between TAI and Azerbaijan Air Force, carried out six flights within 3 days, 3 of which were in the test area near Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

AKSUNGUR SİHA hit the target with the UPS-SİHA-82 at a range of 30 km

In April 2021, AKSUNGUR SİHA fired its first 340 kg KGK-SİHA-82 and successfully hit the target at a range of 30 km. Regarding this, SSB İsmail Demir said, “We continue on our way with determination. Our SİHAs are getting stronger with new ammunition test shots. AKSUNGUR SİHA successfully hit the target at a range of 340 km with the 82 kg KGK-SİHA-30, which it fired for the first time. " had included his statements.

AKSUNGUR, which has successfully fired at a range of 30 km, aims to achieve a new success by increasing the range to 82 km with the KGK-SİHA-45 in the near future.

In November 2020, SSB İsmail Demir announced that it was fired from AKSUNGUR SİHA with TEBER Laser Guidance Kit ammunition. Demir made a statement on his social media account on Twitter, saying, “The ammunition with TEBER guidance kit was fired from a UAV for the first time. TEBER, produced by ROKETSAN, was successfully shot from Aksungur. " had included his statements.

Source: defenceturk

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