10 Thousand Tons Floating Dock Entered Service of TAF

Thousand tons of floating pool entered into service of tskn
Thousand tons of floating pool entered into service of tskn

largest floating dock capable of docking in Turkey's Mediterranean and Aegean coasts, was opened in a ceremony attended by Defense Minister Hulusi Akar. Floating Dock was put into service at the Izmir Shipyard Command, attended by the Chief of General Staff, General Yaşar Güler, Force Commanders, Deputy Minister Muhsin Dere and other officials, accompanied by Minister Akar.

İzmir Shipyard Commander gave information about the pool at the ceremony where the silence and the Turkish National Anthem were sung.

In his speech at the ceremony, Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar stated that considering the recent developments, the importance of the domestic and national defense industry has become more evident.

Our president is Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, leader of Turkey's influence and interests of each day expands, Turkey's internationally on a subject still to come stated that the Minister Akar, "selfless and heroic army, our high-tech products to meet with local and national weapons systems we work with our strength. We have started to reap the fruits of these efforts. " he spoke.

Reminding that even the infantry rifles used by the Turkish Armed Forces were procured from abroad, Minister Akar said:

“Now we have come to the level of designing, constructing, manufacturing and exporting our National Infantry Rifles, our own warships, frigates, UAVs, SİHAs, Storm howitzers, MBRs, ATAK helicopters and smart precision ammunition.

Today, our Armed Forces have achieved great success in the field by effectively using war weapons, tools, equipment and ammunition produced with domestic and national means.

The effectiveness of Turkish-made weapon systems has also been clearly seen in the struggle of our Azerbaijani brothers to save their native lands from occupation. "


Turkey's Mediterranean and Aegean coasts largest pooling capable of floating operation and the capacity in the shipbuilding industry with the introduction of the service at the pool that one step further transported Minister stressed mites in floating expressed the belief that contributed significantly to the pool.

Stating that all these achievements have been achieved through the seriousness, sincerity, dialogue and coordination of the public, foundation companies, private sector and universities, Minister Akar said, “Floating pool in service; it is a beautiful and successful example of public and private sector cooperation. said.

Minister Akar; Expressing their trust in human resources, potential and defense industry companies, the Turkish Armed Forces on land, sea, air; Our businessmen, industrialists, engineers and workers who work to strengthen our domestic and national defense industry have a great role in successfully performing their duties in various geographies of the world, both domestically and beyond the border. We expect these efforts to continue increasingly. " he spoke.

Congratulating those who contributed to the realization and successful execution of these projects that increase the effective, deterrent and respectable qualities of the Sanli Turkish Army, and thanking the employees of ASFAT and HAT-SAN shipyard who contributed to the project in question, Minister Akar said, “On this occasion, our determined attitude in the development of our domestic and national defense industry. I express my gratitude to the President of the Republic for his leadership, encouragement and support. " said.

At the end of his words, Minister Akar wished Mehmetçi, who successfully performed his duties in all kinds of difficult climatic and terrain conditions, for successful, accident-free and trouble-free missions.

After his speech, Minister Akar gave the Certificate of Entering the Pool to Marine Lieutenant Colonel Özgür İkiz. After Lieutenant Colonel İkiz received the document with an oath, Minister Akar and the Commanders cut the ribbon with their attendants and opened the pool for service.


After the ceremony, Minister Akar and TAF Commanders visited the pool and received information from the authorities.

The floating dock, which was put into service at almost half the price of the expected cost and half of the specified period, will also serve the platforms that the Naval Forces Command will take into the inventory in the upcoming period. The floating dock, which has a lifting capacity of 10 thousand tons, is 175,60 meters long and 35,54 meters inside width. There are 1 electro-hydraulic type mobile movable cranes in the pool, which can dive or lift in 2 hour.

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