Home Energy Saving Methods from Limak Energy

Energy saving methods at home from limak energy
Energy saving methods at home from limak energy

Limak Energy, which serves 5 million people, gives savings and efficiency tips for the increased energy use at homes with the effect of the pandemic process and cold weather. The company disclosed tips on steps to save consumers on energy consumption during Energy Saving Week.

With the increase in time spent at home due to the pandemic period and winter months, the duration of electrical device usage has also increased. The increase in daily use of electrical appliances, together with home-working practices, quarantine processes, and the effect of cold weather, began to be noticeably reflected in bills. Ali Erman Aytac, General Manager of Limak Energy Uludağ Electricity, shared with the consumers the precautions that can be taken on energy consumption without reducing the comfort of life during the Energy Saving Week.

Limak Energy gives special savings and efficiency tips for homes and businesses

Underlining that they put emphasis on energy efficiency and saving with many projects they have put into operation, Aytac said, “We recently implemented the Energy Consultant Project, where we give tips to our consumers about energy saving. With our project, we raise the awareness of our citizens about the efficient and efficient use of energy. In the homes and workplaces we visited within the scope of our project, we convey both general savings efforts and efficiency recommendations according to the special conditions of the house or workplace we visited. I would like to repeat our savings recommendations, especially during this period of time spent at homes during the pandemic process. Consumers can achieve up to 50 percent less energy consumption if they choose an A (+++) energy class refrigerator. In lighting, since the LED lamp provides up to 90 percent efficiency compared to the incandescent lamp, the preferences can be made in the direction of the LED lamp. Since electrical appliances such as televisions and computers continue to consume energy at a rate of 10% to 20% of normal consumption in sleep mode, they can save money by not leaving these devices in sleep mode but turning off the power key. " said.

It should not be forgotten that combi boilers use not only natural gas but also electricity.

The preference of electrical appliances for heating during the winter months increases the electricity consumption and plays a major role in increasing the bills. Keeping the combi and electric heaters constant at an average temperature provides savings. One of the reasons for the increase in electricity bills during the winter months every year is the combi boilers. It is necessary to choose the economical combi boiler, remembering that the combi boilers use not only natural gas but also electricity.

Electrical devices used for heating increase bills up to 270 TL

Electricity expenditures arising from the use of air conditioning can add up to 1080 TL per household per household for the winter months, and an average of 144 TL per month for six hours of use for a 2000-watt air conditioner. A 268 watt electric heater can create an additional cost of 150 TL in the bill with six hours of operating time per day. On the other hand, 24-watt boilers cause an average monthly increase of 80 TL in bills with 8 hours of operation, and an average of 10 TL when operated for 30-XNUMX hours. Consumers can save money by choosing devices with higher energy class and turning to less consuming heating types such as combi boilers while purchasing the devices they use for heating purposes.

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