$ 940 million rail deal from Philippines and China

million dollar rail deal from philippines and gin
million dollar rail deal from philippines and gin

China and the Philippines agreed to build a railway linking two former American military facilities on the island of Luzon that are still used to visit US forces.

China's Ambassador to the Philippines, Huang Xilian, in a Facebook post shared on a $ 1991 million project to link Subic Bay and Clark Air Base, which includes America's largest overseas military community before the 940 eruption on Mount Pinotubo. announced that an agreement was reached.

In a statement made by the Chinese Embassy, ​​it was stated that a flexible connection will be established between ports, railways and airports along the Subic-Clark corridor. It was stated that this connection aims to increase logistics efficiency, decrease transportation costs, and support the potential demand for freight services and economic activities in the region.

Ambassador Xilian stated that it is estimated that the railway construction will take 42 months.

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