CHEP Gathered Battery in Focus Expert Group and Supply Chain Professionals on a Common Platform

chep battery in focus expert group and supply chain professionals gathered on a common platform
chep battery in focus expert group and supply chain professionals gathered on a common platform

Environmental conditions increase the demand for electric and hybrid vehicles day by day. Suppliers and manufacturers, on the other hand, strive to supply batteries in a safer and more efficient way by eliminating the risk factors. The Battery in Focus Expert Group, founded by CHEP's team of global supply solution experts, helps the automotive industry move faster for the safe, efficient and sustainable transportation of lithium-ion batteries. The group, which includes industry leaders and experts, will play an important role in setting global standards in the logistics of electric and hybrid vehicle batteries.

As the world moves away from traditional fossil fuel vehicles, lithium-ion batteries are becoming one of the most critical and dangerous components in the automotive supply chain. High density heavy batteries, which are extremely necessary to meet range / distance expectations, have the potential to cause economic and environmental disasters in the face of changing temperatures, faulty loading and impacts. All these risks; it brings along costly legal regulations such as extra storage, transportation and packaging. These returns can reach 80 percent of the battery cost. Offering innovative and innovative solutions for the supply chain, CHEP's Battery in Focus Expert Group is also the pioneer of the cooperation that will enable the industry to produce more sustainable vehicles on a mass scale in a successful, fast, safe and cost-effective manner.

"We will direct the future of the sector again with the sector leaders"

Making a statement on the subject, Engin Gökgöz, CHEP Turkey Automotive Europe Region Key Customers Leader; The “Battery in Focus” Expert Group already plays a vital role in the future of the supply chain of electric and hybrid vehicle batteries. The development of partnership and cooperation, even among rival players, is an indicator of where the industry will evolve. We are very happy to be able to evaluate CHEP's position in the supply chain in creating such an important platform. We continuously produce and implement new ideas for the development of the sector. With the service we provide, we speed up the customs processes and carry out the transportation of the products that have a risk of transportation in accordance with all legal regulations. While we save money and time for automotive manufacturers with our equipment, we also respond to their most important needs such as safety. We develop alternative solutions for the transportation of dangerous materials such as electric batteries, which may cause environmental disasters as well as financial losses in case of a possible explosion or leak. With the equipment variety we offer, traceability and cost analysis, we increase the safety and profitability of our customers and accelerate the development of the sector. kazanwe are raising. With this platform, we will shape the future of the electric vehicle industry with the industry leaders," he said.

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