10 Miners Endangered in China Survive

The miner under the genius was removed right
The miner under the genius was removed right

Ten miners have been rescued alive after an accident at a gold mine in Shandong province in eastern China, which has been buried for two weeks.

After the search and rescue efforts in the gold mine, it was reported that as of 11.13:14.07 this morning, a miner dug from the dent. Search and rescue teams rescued three people by 14.44 and five by 15.18 from under the dent. It was stated that the victim, who was in an extreme state, was immediately hospitalized. By 10, two more miners, one alive, were removed from the dent. Thus, the number of miners who were saved alive reached XNUMX.

After the explosion at the Qixia gold mine in the city of Yantai on January 10, 22 miners were trapped 600 meters below the ground.

Rescuers managed to contact 11 miners who were in good physical and mental health. One of the miners died earlier in the week due to a severe blow to his head. Materials such as food and clothing were sent via a channel to 10 other miners.

It was stated that the lives of 11 mining workers, who could not be informed, lost hope. It was informed that a total of 633 people participated in the search and rescue efforts.

Source: China International Radio


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