We Want Train To Bursa Campaign Will Overtake A Quarter Century Next Year

we want train to bursa campaign will topple quarter century in ten year
we want train to bursa campaign will topple quarter century in ten year

Kemal Demirel, the 24nd and 22rd term CHP Bursa deputy, persistently kept alive the "We want a train to Bursa" campaign, which he started 23 years ago at the Gökçedağ Train Station, continues to work with determination just like the first day.

Emphasizing that the campaign will overthrow a quarter century next year, Demirel called on the government: “I would like to draw our government's attention to the train demand of Bursa and the campaign launched for this purpose. I had started a campaign to bring high-speed trains to Bursa against traffic terrorism and become widespread. In the campaign we started 24 years ago, there is no province left that we have not visited. I visited 40 provinces and covered 90 thousand kilometers. I walked 310 kilometers. I have always tried to keep this topic on the agenda. We voiced Bursa's train demand. I visited businessmen associations and chambers of commerce and industry and got their support. Enough Traffic terrorism, Turkey and the thousands of signatures that we collected during the campaign I would like high-speed train to Bursa sent to the relevant ministries. But this hope did not come true. Now our hope is in 2023. "

Years have passed after Kemal Demirel's press release at the Gökçedağ Train Station in Bursa's Harmancık district on January 19, 1997, while he was in parliament. Kemal Demirel, who frequently voiced this issue in the TBMM Plan and Budget Committee and from the chair of the Parliament during his term as a deputy, became the first and only MP to march in Bursa and in the world with the slogan "We want train".

Kemal Demirel, who also carried out petition campaigns with the slogan We want a train to Bursa, but could not visit the station this time due to Covid-24 conditions on the 19th anniversary of the same date, recalling the statement he made years ago, he was persistently a follower of the train project, and he traveled to 40 provinces in the intervening years. noted that he was walking. Stating that both Bursa and itself never gave up on the train demand, Demirel said:

“We persistently followed the train project. At the groundbreaking ceremony held with the participation of 2012 ministers in 3, it was announced that Bursa will get a train in 2016, but unfortunately it did not happen. The railway project has been postponed to 2019. Problems with the route and ground, on the one hand, lack of financial resources on the one hand caused delays. While we were waiting to end in 2019, rumors of savings emerged this time, despite the government's announcements to end in 2019, the promise made was not kept and our train dream did not come true. The long-awaited train in Bursa was a project that should not be affected by austerity measures, but we left 2020 behind. There's only disappointment. I collected 100 thousands of signatures for the high speed train to come to Bursa. I visited NGOs, parliamentarians, ministers and associations. Everyone supported the restoration of this train, which existed in the past but was taken from Bursa. Turkey brought on the agenda of the Grand National Assembly. Bursa is an agricultural and industrial city that produces added value. It is really an important deficiency that there is no railway to Bursa. Bursa Turkey is gaining gain. Bursa provides Ankara with 2, 1 service. We demand that this project be completed as soon as possible. "

Reminding that the date for the high-speed train is now set to 2023, he emphasized that everyone should contribute with common consciousness, regardless of their political views and in any position, in order to end the train longing of Bursa residents and said, "I will continue to fight as I promised until the train arrives in Bursa." .



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