Maintenance Work for Safe and Comfortable Journey in Ankara Metro

Maintenance work will be carried out on the Ankara metro lines in case of street exit restrictions
Maintenance work will be carried out on the Ankara metro lines in case of street exit restrictions

EGO General Directorate ANKARAY and Metro Operations affiliated to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will carry out maintenance and repair work on January 01-02-03, 2021, when the curfew will be applied.

Under normal circumstances, citizens will not suffer any grievances, since the maintenance work, which is done by shutting down the business, will be done during the restriction. In addition, the energy, unnecessary train and personnel movement to be consumed for the withdrawal of trains from service will be prevented, and this idle time will be transformed into work efficiency.

In this context, with the work to be carried out in the area of ​​ANKARAY AŞTİ Station:

The wooden sleepers in the scissors areas, which have not changed for 24 years, and the scissor hubs and connection materials in the scissor areas will be replaced.

With this work, the old and worn-out materials in the crossing areas of the AŞTİ region of the EGO General Directorate ANKARAY, which has been providing uninterrupted service to Ankara for 24 years, will be replaced with new ones, allowing Ankara residents to travel more safely and comfortably.

On the other hand, the work to be done in the Metro Plant is as follows;

  • Periodic train maintenance,
  • Çayyolu warehouse scissor motor stand assembly construction,
  • AKM-1- Akköprü 3rd rail cover repair,
  • Ulus scissors and selet care,
  • Batımerkez-Batıkent clip control and replacement, 3rd rail cover replacement,
  • Line cleaning between Yenimahalle and Demetevler,
  • APS (Auxiliary inverters) control of trains,
  • Control of air conditioning inverter of trains,
  • HMI control, visual and functional controls of trains, program loading activities,
  • 750 VDC input collector fuse controls for trains,
  • Detection of missing materials in trains.

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