Rize's 70-Year Dream Salarha Tunnel Reduced the 20-Minute Road to 5 Minutes

The annual dream salarha tunnel in Rize has reduced the minute road to the minute
Rize's 70-Year Dream Salarha Tunnel Reduced the 20-Minute Road to 5 Minutes

Rize Mayor Rahmi Metin attended the opening ceremony of the first 2 meters long tube of the Salarha Tunnel connecting Rize center, Salarha and Muradiye towns.

Rize Governor Kemal Çeber, AK Party Rize Deputy Muhammed Avcı, Rize Mayor Rahmi Metin, Highways Regional Director Mehmet Aşık, former AK Party Rize Deputy Abdulkadir Kart, and many citizens attended the ceremony held in Dalyan location due to the opening of the Salarha Tunnel. .

Mayor Rahmi Metin, "The 20-minute road has gone down to 5 minutes"

Mayor Metin, in his speech here, emphasized that the Salarha Tunnel was a project that the people of the region wanted for many years, “It is a project that started to be talked about 15-20 years ago. It is an important work that opens the city to the back and enables 25-30 thousand citizens living in the valley to meet the city in a shorter time. After the tunnel is opened, the number of people who will stay above will change. It will enable new residential areas in the region to become qualified. It shortens the road for about 8-9 kilometers. It relaxes the traffic of the city. I would like to thank Mr.President, Regional Director of Highways, and everyone who worked in the local area for this work ”.

Rize Governor Kemal Çeber, stating that it is a 15-minute journey to Salarha, said, “It fell to a distance of 3 kilometers with the tunnel. The tunnel was built under very difficult conditions. Especially the sandy structure and the pandemic slowed down the work, but it never stopped. The project closely followed by our President. We opened the right tube of the tunnel, we will open the left tube in a few months. In line with the expectations of the Salarha region, we will have crossed the tunnel for the first time together. said.

Explaining that the tunnel height varies between 250 meters and 10 meters, Çeber said that this is a work that requires very serious expertise for tunnel construction.

Governor Çeber stated that the official opening will be in the summer with the opening of both tubes.

AK Party Rize Deputy Muhammed Avcı stated that they are working for the integration of the two points of the city and said, “We will construct a new double road with the exit of the tunnel. We strive to build development plans correctly. " found the assessment.

Mehmet Aşık, Regional Director of Highways, said, “The travel time, which is 15-20 minutes, especially in summer, will be reduced to 5 minutes. It's a serious time. other time based kazanthree will be obtained. It was a 70-year-old dream. Especially in 2020, despite all the negative pandemic process, we have achieved the opening of a single tube at the end of the year in the promised time.”

After the speeches, Governor Çeber and those with him passed through the 2 thousand 977 meters long tunnel with their cars.

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