Focus on Your Website Needs When Buying Hosting Service


Storable data such as pages, music, pictures belonging to websites; It needs to be stored and stored on computers with special equipment. The process of storing this stored data and delivering it to users is called web hosting. Web hosting services; It provides both individuals and institutions with the advantage of making their websites accessible on the world wide web. Each web hosting works with a domain and it is possible to publish the website or web application on the internet with the web hosting service. When users purchase any hosting service, they rent a space on the server where they can store the files and data required for the websites to run smoothly. Web hosting providers keep the server up and running. They protect against malicious attacks and transfer content consisting of text, files, images to visitors' browsers.

Since the day it started its activities in the sector, LimonHost has been moving forward with a service concept aimed at meeting the different needs of its customers at the highest level. Accordingly, to LimonHost users; MSSQL hostingprovides the opportunity to choose the most suitable for them among different solutions such as affordable hosting, corporate hosting, cPanel hosting, reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, Windows hosting.

You Can Benefit From LimonHost Support While Choosing Your Hosting Package

The hosting needs of the users may vary according to the features of the websites they will establish or the existing websites. Accordingly, there are some points to consider when choosing a hosting package. Users who do not need much hardware resources, affordable prices prepared by LimonHost affordable hosting they can choose their package. In this way, they can meet their hosting needs at the most affordable prices. They can meet their needs for hosting websites or applications developed using software languages ​​such as .NET or ASP, developed by Microsoft, through the MsSQL hosting service offered by LimonHost.

Among the LimonHost web hosting services, Windows Hosting stands out as a hosting platform developed for running software and hardware belonging to Windows operating systems. With Windows Hosting, applications such as .NET - ASP - Visual Basic can be run. Users can choose from MSSQL or MySQL databases within their Windows hosting packages. LimonHost also provides PHP support to its users in their Windows hosting packages. Due to the fact that the backup options are powered by the Cloud infrastructure, the backups of the websites are taken by LimonHost regularly. LimonHost's team of experts in the field performs the service of moving their websites to new servers after users add their Windows hosting package to the basket. Users have to make their server selection in a way that is compatible with the infrastructure they will use in their websites or projects. If you are going to work with .NET or ASP software, using Windows hosting becomes a much better choice. In addition to LimonHost Windows hosting packages, users can also purchase fixed IP service. LimonHost serves its users with servers located in Istanbul and at Tier 3 data center standards.

The most important feature that distinguishes Windows hosting services from other web hosting services is considered to be its unique platforms and languages. Therefore, people who will work on .NET or ASP based projects should benefit from Windows hosting service. Because the aforementioned platforms do not work in Linux hosting options. However, it becomes an important point that people who will work on PHP-based prefer Linus servers. Although Microsoft supported PHP for a while, it ended this support as of 2020 and there is no alternative for PHP other than Linux hosting services.

FTP account and Plesk control panel are offered to users who receive service from Windows hosting packages. Plesk Panel is one of the most popular control panels. Users can also create ftp accounts via Plesk Panel. In addition, it is possible to have a website in a short time by using CMSs such as Joomla or OpenCart on Plesk with a few clicks.

Servers using Windows as an operating system and developed by Microsoft are called Windows servers. On Windows servers, users can use .NET software as well as develop applications associated with them and run them on the server. Because of the Windows server license rights, it is paid. Since Linux is an open source software, users do not have to pay any license fees. Users can configure Windows servers according to their needs.

Lemon Host users can enjoy fast and secure publishing of websites with the updated Windows Server. LimonHost supports the most up-to-date versions of ASP, ASP.NET and NET CORE. LimonHost users can choose and use what they want from MsSQL or MySQL options in their Windows hosting packages. They can also use all ASP.NET, .NET CORE 3.0 and MVC frameworks. All backup infrastructures of LimonHost are powered by Cloud technologies. LimonHost's professional team offers 7/24 Ticket support to their users to be able to support them whenever they need it.

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