From Turkey, Legend Online Shopping Record Friday

online shopping records on Friday legend turkiyede
online shopping records on Friday legend turkiyede

Consumers' preference for online shopping due to the social distance required by the pandemic also had an impact on this year's Legend Friday sales.

According to the results obtained after the data analysis of iyzico, the payment infrastructure provider of tens of thousands of e-commerce sites, there was a significant increase in sales with the traditional Legend Friday campaigns of online shopping sites.

Legendary Friday (Black Friday) campaigns, where the consumption frenzy is experienced, has been attracted by consumers in our country in recent years. Legendary Friday has been a legendary period for the e-commerce world, with special discounts and promotional activities this year.

Iyzico of Turkey's leading financial technology company, online shopping statistics covering the period Legends Friday it was announced today. According to iyzico's data, the transaction volume in online shopping, which eliminates time and space limits and offers the advantage of contactless payment, increased by 103% compared to the previous year. The data point to significant increases in the number of transactions and basket amount compared to 2019.

Debit card preferred

In the 2020 Legend Friday period, there was an increase of 103% in the transaction volume, 57% in the number of transactions and 29% in the average basket amount compared to the previous year. The average basket amount, which was 211 TL, rose to 273 TL.

In 2019, the transaction volume distribution, which was 50% in single payment, 41% in three installments, 6% in 5 installments, was 2020% in one shot, 53% in three installments, and 30% in 6 installments in 9. The debit card usage rate, which was 28% in the previous year, increased to 33% this year. Transactions made with credit cards increased by 46%, while the number of transactions with debit cards increased by 87%.

Turkey gave priority to education

During the pandemic period, there was a significant increase in online course and online book shopping. This growth was also effective during Legend Friday. Following the clothing industry, the most spending sector was the education sector. While the number of transactions in the education sector increased by 62%, the volume increased by 148%.

Central Anatolia became the most filled basket

The region that filled its basket with the most expensive products in the previous year was Marmara. This year, the region that filled its basket with the highest priced products was Central Anatolia. Men make Turkey the proportion of online shopping has increased in every region of 5%. Marmara, Central Anatolia and Aegean regions were the top 3 shopping districts for both men and women. While the number of transactions in five major cities increased by an average of 36%, the average basket amount increased by 30%.

Men spent more than 2019

During the 2019 Legend Friday period, women spent more than men. This has not changed this year, but the odds have changed and the men have increased their shopping. While women spent 2019 times as much as men in 1,3, this rate remained at 0,85 this year. While men's spending increased 115%, women's spending increased 68%.

While the average basket amount of women increased by 35% to 285 TL, the basket amount of men increased by 33% to 376 TL. In 2019, 54% of men and 45% of women had one-shot credit card shopping this year, 53%.

Men who made 2019% of their shopping online in 89, did 91% of their shopping online during Legend Friday this year. Women, on the other hand, dropped their web spending amount by 2% by turning to mobile like last year.

All rates increased

With the Legend Friday campaigns, the expenditures made on the web channel increased 129%, the number of transactions increased by 66%, and the average basket amount increased 275% from 382 TL to 39 TL. In mobile spending, the transaction volume increased by 170% and the number of transactions by 128% compared to the previous year, while the average basket amount increased by 91% from 108 TL to 19 TL. Although web shopping was preferred, the rate of mobile shopping continued to increase and increased by 7%.

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