TÜBİTAK will Recruit 14 Continuous Workers

Tubitak will continuously work for the workers
Tubitak will continuously work for the workers

TÜBİTAK builds its basic strategy for the future on qualified knowledge and qualified people focused on national goals in research, technology development and innovation ecosystem.

TUBITAK encourages and supports people in every age group from an early age on the basis of the understanding that the most important resource of a country is human being in general and scientists in particular. In this direction, it is important to acquire young brains early in the technology production in order for the national and domestic technology move of our country to succeed.

Thus, Part-Time Candidate Researchers will be employed.

Part-Time Candidate Researcher employment with the research infrastructure, capability and capacity of our institution with the undergraduate students in universities by employing part-time employment to train qualified R & D personnel on behalf of our country, while continuing to continue their education and provide full-time practice in our institution The aim of this course is to provide the candidate candidates who can work as a researcher while they are students.


a) In order to apply for the job, it is necessary to register in the Job Application System at the "Kariyer.sage.tubitak.gov.tr" website. (It is mandatory to add the required documents to the system electronically by selecting the reference code after creating the CV for the application). Applications will not be accepted except for applications made through the Job Application System.

b) Applications must be made by 24:11 on 2020/17/00 at the latest.

c) Applications will be evaluated on the reference code. Applications made without selecting a reference code will not be considered. A candidate will be able to apply for a maximum of 2 (two) positions with reference codes.

d) For each reference code; According to the article (e) of the section "General Conditions to be Required by the Candidates", the candidate will be invited for an interview, 10 times the number of personnel to be recruited, starting from the highest score. If there are other candidates getting the same score as the last ranked candidates, these candidates will also be invited for an interview.

e) Candidates to be invited for an interview may be given pre-interview practice (Field Knowledge Exam) by the unit authorities.

f) Candidates will be evaluated according to the declaration they have entered into the job application system during their application, and if the entered information is incorrect or any of the documents listed below is missing, the application will be deemed invalid. University Entrance Exam Result Document (showing the Order of Success) and University Entrance Exam Placement Document (Internet print out with OSYM approved or Control Code), Current Student Certificate, Official and current transcript showing the Weighted Grade Point Average, Current CV (Color photo of your CV, in Turkish , It should be prepared in a way that includes TR ID and phone numbers.),

Note: '' All developments and announcements related to the process will be announced on the web pages of TÜBİTAK Presidency (www.tubitak.gov.tr) and UZAY (www.uzay.tubitak.gov.tr) will be sent to the e-mail address provided. ''

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