General Directorate of Foundations to Recruit 5 Assistant Inspectors

the general directorate of the foundations will make the assistant inspector scholar
the general directorate of the foundations will make the assistant inspector scholar

📩 25/11/2020 12:39

The Deputy Inspector cadres, whose place of duty, class, title, degree and number are specified below, subject to the Civil Servants Law No.657 to be assigned in the Central (Ankara) and Istanbul Working Group of the Directorate General of Guidance and Inspection of the Directorate General of Foundations, consisting of two parts, written and oral, With the competition exam to be held in Ankara, 5 assistant inspectors will be recruited.

In order to take the exam;

1- Having the conditions listed in Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48,

2- To be graduated from the Faculty of Law, Political Sciences, Economics, Business, Economics and Administrative Sciences, which provides 4-year education, or higher education institutions in Turkey and abroad whose equivalence has been accepted by the Higher Education Council,

3- Being under the age of 01.01.2021 as of 35,

4- To be in the first 2019 people according to the highest score in the applications to be made among the candidates who have scored 2020 and above in the Public Personnel Selection Exams for the candidates who will be appointed to the A group positions held by ÖSYM in 48 and 80 candidates will also be accepted for the exam.)

5- To be successful at at least (E) level in one of the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam (YDS) held in 2018-2019-2020.

6- Candidates who want to take the exam will fill in the form in Annex 27.9.2008 of the Foundations Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated 27010 and numbered 22.

a) 6 passport photos in 4,5 × 6 size taken in the last 4 months,

b) The original of the Certificate of Graduation, a copy approved by the General Directorate or a print out from the e-Government,

c) KPSS and YDS result document,

d) Male candidates are not related to military service,

- There is no criminal record,

- It is suitable for working all over the country in terms of health, in all climatic and travel conditions,

The handwritten statement of the candidate will be attached.

7- Those who are found to have made false declarations in the information contained in the application form and documents and who do not meet the requirements to enter the exam lose their rights regarding the exam.

8- Candidates will apply to the Guidance and Inspection Department at Bayındır 1 Sokak No: 3 Kızılay / ANKARA directly or by registered mail.

9- The latest application date is until the end of business on 18.12.2020, delays in the post will not be taken into consideration.

10- The Competition Exam Entrance Document will be obtained from the Guidance and Inspection Directorate from 28.12.2020 until the end of working hours on 15.01.2021, candidates who do not have a Competition Exam Entry Document will not be admitted to the exam.

11- The Competition Exam will be held on 16.01.2021 at the place and time indicated in the competition exam entrance document. The winners of the written competition exam will be announced on the notice boards of the General Directorate of Foundations and the Directorate of Guidance and Inspection. They will also be announced on the internet site and will be invited to the oral competition exam by notifying them in written notification that they have won the written competition exam.

12- Principles to be followed in the exam It will be published on the internet address.

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