What is a highway? History of Highways and Highway Speed ​​Limits of Countries 

What are the highways, the history of the highways and the highway speed limit of the countries
What are the highways, the history of the highways and the highway speed limit of the countries

A motorway or a motorway is a multi-lane and two-way wide road built to provide fast traffic flow. The most important feature of highways is that they are access controlled; Entry and exit are from certain points, pedestrians and animals are not allowed. In some countries the toll fee (eg. France, Turkey), while in others only be charged a toll from trucks and tractor trailers (eg. Germany). Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Luxembourg and Turkey are taking advantage of the night lighting.

History of Highways 

Where highways are built, traffic flow is generally taken as a basis. Minimizing traffic congestion in areas with high traffic is the most important goal. The first highway in the world was opened in Germany in 1921, in the south of Berlin AVUS is the 9-kilometer road named. However, this road was closed to traffic and was used only for racing purposes. The first highway open to traffic is the road connecting Milan and Como, Italy. This place was opened to vehicle traffic in 1924. After 1925, public and private institutions and organizations in Germany started to construct highways all over the country. The first motorway was opened in 1973 and in Turkey in the Bosphorus Bridge is also hosting the 23-km Ring Road 1. Today, after the construction of the Metrobus line, 18 km of it has lost its highway quality. It is currently used in connection road status. The remaining 5 km section is in the form of the highway serving as O-1 and consists of 15 July Martyrs Bridge and approach viaducts.

Motorway Speed ​​limit 

In most European countries with motorways, the speed limit varies between 110 km and 130 km per hour. Depending on the condition of the roads, this limit can sometimes be unlimited.

Highways in Turkey 

Turkey has a history composed of roads in the vicinity of the highway is a major factor in being modern. The highways here have at least three lanes (except Izmit East-Gebze) (one-way) and have a length of 1892 kilometers. It is under construction at 1586 kilometers. ETC motorway in Turkey and has the HGS system. Fast Pass System (HGS) was established on 17.09.2012 at the toll stations (West Hereke, East Hereke, Dörtdivan, Çamlıdere and Çamlıdere and It has been put into use by the General Directorate of PTT (excluding the exit toll booths at Kızılcahamam toll collection stations). The speed limit is 120 kilometers per hour. Due to the mountainous highway do have a structure of Turkey is both laborious and costly. In such places, one-way double-lane road construction is emphasized.

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