Mersin Metropolitan Continues Inspections for Clean Mediterranean

mersin continues sea inspections for clean mediterranean
mersin continues sea inspections for clean mediterranean

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality continues its sea inspections for clean Mediterranean. The Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to inspect the wastes that cause sea pollution and have negative effects on both sea creatures and human health, aims to prevent pollution with fines imposed on the ships that pollute the sea. In the last 18 months, 23 ships were fined over 40 million lira.

23 million 40 thousand 352 TL administrative sanction on a total of 421 ships

The Maritime Services and Inspection Branch Directorate of the Environmental Protection and Control Department conducts regular inspections in order to combat marine pollution, take additional measures against ships polluting the sea and prevent ship-induced marine pollution. Metropolitan teams inspect the ships carrying cargo within the port at least 3 times a day. Whether the ships cause any pollution in the sea is checked by marine pollution inspectors and ship personnel. Depending on the size and pollution rate of the ship, the amount of penalty can vary.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which meticulously conducts inspections in order to protect the Mediterranean, has imposed an administrative sanction of 2019 million 23 thousand 40 TL on a total of 352 ships with periodic inspections since April 421. The Metropolitan Municipality aims to deter those who pollute the sea with the punishments it imposes.

Samples taken from the sea are inspected in the laboratory

The samples taken by marine pollution inspectors from the ships are sent to the laboratory for analysis after they are sealed in the sample containers. Marine pollution inspectors also take clean sea water and send it to the laboratory with the sample in order to prove that the water in which the sample is located is dirty. Thus, by comparing the samples taken from the ships with the clean sea water, the damage caused by the ships to the sea is determined and concluded.

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