Kocaeli Congress Center Overpass is Ready for the End of the Year

Kocaeli congress center is ready for the end of the year
Kocaeli congress center is ready for the end of the year

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues its work on overpasses on the tram route. While the overpass work that will ease the access to Kocaeli Science Center has been completed to a great extent, the steel leg installation of the overpass in the area where Kocaeli Congress Center is located has been completed. The last overpass that will provide the connection between the Sekapark and the city is built at the Training Campus stop.


Metropolitan, which has declared 2020 as the year of transportation mobilization, works in all points of the city and continues to work for the tram, which undertakes the public transportation load, to serve the citizens better. Metropolitan, which will extend the tram line to Kuruçeşme, continues its overpass works at three different points in Sekapark in coordination. Metropolitan, which will open the overpass, which will facilitate access to Kocaeli Science Center, for pedestrians in a short time, continues to construct the overpass at the Education Campus stop. Following the drilling and pile manufacturing works in the overpass in Kocaeli Congress Center, the steel leg installation was completed. The overpass, whose beams, railing and stairs are being manufactured, is planned to be opened by the end of the year.


Metropolitan teams, continuing the construction works of the overpass bridge so that the citizens who get off from the tram stop can pass to the Congress Center and Sekapark area, make great efforts to complete the overpass quickly. The overpass to be built here will be 61 meters long and 3.3 meters wide, and there will be 65 elevators for the disabled and pedestrians over 2 years of age.

Günceleme: 17/11/2020 15:39

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