TRNC's Domestic Car Günsel Made Its Debut at MUSIAD EXPO

Kktc's domestic car was met with intense interest
Kktc's domestic car was met with intense interest

The domestic car of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, GÜNSEL, was exhibited for the first time outside of the TRNC at MÜSİAD EXPO 2020. Participating in the fair with its first model B9 and its second model J9, GÜNSEL received great interest from the visitors. It was announced at the fair that the mass production of GÜNSEL will start in the last quarter of 2021, and its production capacity will reach 2025 thousand vehicles per year in 30.

The International Economy, Finance and Trade Summit, MUSIAD EXPO 2020, organized by MUSIAD every two years, opened its doors to visitors today. TRNC's domestic car GÜNSEL was one of the most interesting participants of MUSIAD EXPO 2020.

The first day of the MUSIAD EXPO 19 Trade Fair, which was held in the TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center in accordance with the pandemic rules and TSE COVID 2020 Safe Service standards, physically and online as a hybrid, there was intense participation from domestic and foreign visitors.

Organized in 10 halls on an area of ​​70 thousand square meters, representing more than 40 thousand companies and preparing to host 100 thousand visitors, the fair hosts many principles.

One of these firsts is that the domestic car of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, GÜNSEL, also hosted its first event outside of the TRNC.

100 prototypes produced in yellow, blue and red colors representing the soil, sky and flag of the TRNC were exhibited at the fair where the first model of GÜNSEL, B1.2, which was produced by more than 9 Turkish engineers and designers with 3 million hours of labor within the body of Near East University, was introduced. In addition, GÜNSEL introduced the design concept of its second model J9 to automobile enthusiasts.

While the one-to-one scale design model of two B9 and J9 in the fair was exhibited at GÜNSEL's booth, the third B9 was tested outside the fair area by press members and sector representatives.

It was also shared that the mass production of GÜNSEL, which received an intense demand from those who want to participate in the test drive, will start in the last quarter of 2021 and its production capacity will reach 2025 thousand vehicles per year in 30.

günseli was tested for the first time in Turkey MUSIAD Expo Expressing satisfaction with the intense interest shown in 2020, GUNSEL Chairman Prof. Dr. İrfan Suat Günsel said, "We are proud and happy to be able to share GÜNSEL with our homeland with all our hearts."


GÜNSEL B9 is a 100 percent electric car. The vehicle, which can travel 350 kilometers on a single charge, was produced by combining 10 thousand 936 parts in total. The engine of the vehicle has a power of 140 kW. The speed limit of GÜNSEL B100, which can reach 8 km per hour in 9 seconds, is electronically limited to 170 km per hour. The battery of GÜNSEL B9 can be charged in just 30 minutes with high speed charging. In case of using fast charging, this period is 4 hours. The number of employees of GÜNSEL, in which more than 100 engineers and designers spent 1,2 million hours in the development process, reached 166. This number, which will increase rapidly with the start of mass production, will rise to over a thousand in 2025.

Agreements were signed with over 9 suppliers from 28 countries for the production of GÜNSEL B800. GUNSEL Thus, the global economy of the TRNC was recognized by a country other than Turkey have provided a significant contribution to become a part of.

GÜNSEL's second model J9 will be produced in the SUV segment. The design concept of the J100, which is also designed as 9% electric, was also presented to the visitors at MUSIAD Expo 2020.

Electric cars are increasing their weight in the world automotive market every year. In 2018, the number of electric cars sold in the world was 2 million. Electric car sales, which are expected to reach 2025 million in 10, are expected to reach 2030 million in 28 and 2040 million in 56. Electric cars will take over 2040 percent of the automotive market in 57.

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