How to Store Winter Tire?

How to Store Winter Weather
How to Store Winter Weather

For your safety and fuel saving, you should pay attention to tire maintenance and also use tires according to the season. There are many affordable alternative ways to keep your tires safe and hassle-free. In addition to the tire storage service offered by car brands, it can also offer tire storage services in companies such as tire companies. But even if you say I want to keep my own tire with my own means, let's examine how to hide winter tires together.

If you pay attention to where the tires are in your vehicle before removing your tires, you can balance the vehicle according to the wear caused by the use of the tires as you will use the tires again. You can create a balance by using the front wheels for the rear and the rear wheels for the front.

Do not miss out on removing the tires that you will use in the next season and clean them. When you remove the tires, it is very important to clean them well. This is because dirt, dust, mud, and especially dirt such as tar cause rubber wear. Storing these impurities for a long time will cause your tires to harden and deteriorate their structure. You should clean your vehicle tires with water that is not high pressure and cleaning products that are not very harmful chemically. Here, you should pay attention that after cleaning your vehicle tires, there will be no detergent or dirt residue on the tire.

Proper tire storage is an important consideration for reuse. Depending on whether the tires are with or without rims, they should be stored.

First of all, when we look at the tires with rims, you can hang your vehicle tires somewhere from the rims. If you want to store it lying flat, you should make sure that the surface on which you put your vehicle tires is smooth and that there is nothing that could get caught on the tire or damage it. The purpose here is to prevent any damage to the surface of the tires. If you put your tires on top of each other so that they do not take up space, it will be good to change the upside-down position periodically.

If you have tires without rims, it will be useful to put the tires upright while storing them and turn them upside down again for a certain period of time to avoid any problems.

When storing your vehicle's winter tires, you should consider the features of the space you use for this. It should not be forgotten that vehicle tires are made of rubber. When vehicle tires are exposed to sunlight for more than a certain period of time or if they are stored in places that are hotter or colder than normal, their structure deteriorates and cracks may occur by hardening. The ideal protection environment for winter tires should be cool, dry and regularly ventilated spaces.

Care should be taken that there are no harmful and corrosive chemicals in the environment where winter tires are protected. Tools such as electric motors and welding machines can cause irreversible damage to tires because they create an ozone environment.

The structure of winter tires is very sensitive, so temperature changes can affect these tires considerably. In such a case, the hardening and cracking of the tires is a very common damage. In order to avoid such situations, if you have a winter tire, you can keep it in its own special storage bags, if you do not have it, you can carefully seal it in non-air-permeable packages. If you do not have packaging systems that provide this protection for your vehicle, you can clean it from any service or tire shops.

If you need to stack them, at least be careful not to put too much load on them, as much as possible not to stack the tires on top of each other.

While moving your tires from one place to another, be careful to keep them away from any cutting tools so that they do not get hit.

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