İZTAŞIT Application from İzmir Metropolitan to the Ministry

iztasit application from Izmir to the ministry
iztasit application from Izmir to the ministry

First pandemic, then earthquake and tsunami… İzmir Metropolitan Municipality wrote to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for İZTAŞIT, which was dragged into a bottleneck with the falling passenger numbers in Seferihisar. It was requested that the cooperative, which serves the integrated public transportation system of the city under the supervision of ESHOT, can be subsidized by the Metropolitan Municipality.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is looking for a way to support İZTAŞIT, which serves between Seferihisar-Ürkmez and the city center. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization must take a decision to subsidize İZTAŞIT, which experienced a great decrease in the number of passengers due to the pandemic and earthquake, with the decision of the city council. A similar decision was implemented by the Presidential Decree during the peak days of the pandemic, and metropolitan municipalities throughout the country were able to support private institutions that provide public transportation services for three months. The Presidency gave the authority to extend this decision to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Despite the continued pandemic process and the increase in transmission cases, the decision was not extended, causing grievance. Like all organizations providing public transportation services to municipalities across the country, İZTAŞIT, which provides public transportation between Seferihisar and the city center, was also negatively affected. The decline in the average number of daily rides due to pandemic concerns has been multiplied with the damage caused by the tsunami caused by the earthquake.

They serve Izmir

İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, between the surrounding districts and the city center; He reminded that they have implemented İZTAŞIT for ESHOT-controlled, safe, regular, comfortable and integrated public transportation service where only Izmirim Card is used. Stating that Seferihisar and Ürkmez transportation cooperatives have merged and started to serve by buying brand new vehicles, Soyer said, “Everything started well for everyone, but the pandemic process was never on account. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we cannot leave these tradesmen unattended. Because they left their old order with a word, integrated into our public transportation system and serve the people of Izmir. We were supporting them with the presidential decree, but the decision, which was made for three months, has expired ”.

The duration of the decision should be extended

In the circular issued by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to extend this decision, Mayor Soyer stated that the public transport cooperatives that have signed service contracts with metropolitan municipalities were not included in the list of sectors that should be supported due to the pandemic, and completed his words as follows: “We sent them a letter for the second time. These tradesmen, who provide public transportation services to our city, are also extremely victims of the pandemic. If they extend the decision taken by the President of the Republic, we will take a decision in our municipal council and we will be able to support İZTAŞIT again. When the pandemic is over, everything is back to normal, such support will not be needed anyway. Then, we plan to put İZTAŞIT into service step by step in all surrounding districts of our city. "

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