Ordu Highlands Meet Balloon Tourism

highlands of the army met with balloon tourism
highlands of the army met with balloon tourism

It was a first in Black Sea tourism. The highlands of Ordu, which has become one of the favorite centers of tourism with its sea, nature, plateaus and unique beaches, met with balloon tourism. The first balloon expedition was held on Thursday plateau, famous for its meanders.

Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler is preparing the city for the future with the studies he started in the field of tourism. President Güler, who has been working to bring highland tourism to the forefront, has started balloon tourism, which is the first in Black Sea highland tourism, in addition to caravan tourism, trekking, ski tourism and winter tourism, which is applied in a few cities, especially in Cappadocia.

Ordu, which has become one of the favorite centers of tourism with its sea, nature, plateaus and unique beaches, has made a new tourism move. A hot air balloon test flight was held in the Perşembe Plateau of Aybastı district, one of Ordu's most beautiful pedestrians and famous for its meanders.

The test flight, accompanied by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Advisor Asım Suyabatmaz and Aybastı Mayor Beytullah Geçtan, was completed successfully. The hot air balloon toured the meanders for about an hour and had a visual feast. It is aimed that the flights planned to be realized by the Metropolitan Municipality tourism company ORTUR A.Ş. in the upcoming period will make significant contributions to the tourism of the region.


Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Guler, the Army, the Black Sea and Turkey stated that they intended to introduce the beauty of the world. Mayor Güler said, “We do not want these beauties to belong only to us, we want the whole world to see these beauties and share them with them. We had seen these beauties from the land before, and then we had these beauties watched from the sea with the ships we brought. We are launching balloon tourism today. And as a new alternative, we want to announce the beauty of our army's highlands to the world ”.

Emphasizing that balloon tourism is a new tourism alternative, Mayor Güler said, “We will now watch the magnificent meanders of the Thursday plateau of our Aybastı district from the balloon. This is also very big for us. kazanwill provide benefits. And it will be a means for the world to share and recognize these beauties.”

Noting that they wanted to diversify tourism, Mayor Güler said, “We have identified caravan tourism, bicycle tourism as well as trekking walking paths. We have determined 155 points in our army regarding this. Their routes were established. As you know, we have not only plateaus but also canyons and waterfalls. There is a situation of trekking around here. At the same time, we color and diversify tourism with canoe. We introduce our army, our Black Sea, and therefore our country to the world, with both the sportive side of the business, the tourism aspect and also the promotional activities. We share these beauties not only regionally but also with the world ”.


Asım Suyabatmaz, Advisor to the Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, who stated that the project will make significant contributions to the tourism of the region, brought balloon tourism, which is especially popular in the Cappadocia region, to Ordu. kazanHe said they wanted to go. Suyabatmaz said, "With balloon tourism, we will both get a share of the tourism cake and make another contribution to the tourism of our city."

President's Advisor Asım Suyabatmaz made the following statements in his statement: “We opened a new sector in the field of tourism. Because Turkey is in this sense a very advanced level. Especially the Cappadocia region hosts around 3,5 million tourists annually, and there are over 500 thousand tourists who fly in the region. The balloon has an economic contribution of over 70 million Euros to Cappadocia. We started hot air balloon tourism in Ordu in order to contribute to Ordu both economically and in the name of tourism. "Good luck," he said.


Stating that they are pleased with the start of the project, which will make a significant contribution to Aybastı's tourism, Aybastı Mayor Beytullah Geçtan said, “Our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. God bless Mehmet Hilmi Güler. He is a person with a very wide horizon. We are also trying to keep up with the pace. We are trying our hot air balloon for the first time in Aybastı district. I hope that if the continuity of the hot air balloon comes, the tourism activity in Aybastı and Ordu will be very different in the next period ”.

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