Donations Made Through People's Grocery Are Delivered To Earthquake Survivors

Donations made through the public's grocery store are delivered to earthquake victims
Donations made through the public's grocery store are delivered to earthquake victims

Donations made through the People's Store to meet the urgent needs of earthquake victims continue to reach the earthquake victims. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Social Services Department teams deliver hygiene and food packages to earthquake victims.

Public support continues for the solidarity campaigns launched by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to heal the wounds of the earthquake. Support packages purchased by benefactors through the People's Bakkalı and Us İzmir digital platform are distributed by 300 staff members of the Social Services Department of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. grants made through People's Grocery is over in Turkey, underlining that they make unremitting mission to deliver the earthquake Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Social Services Branch Manager Volkan hard, "we serve in Current 7 tent area. We determine the needs of our earthquake victims staying in tent areas overnight and distribute support packages the next day. We also deliver the white goods support made through the people's bakkalı ”.

Donation amount exceeded 20 million

Donations of 9 sleeping bags, 368 food packages, 118 hygiene packages and 766 hot food packages were received and distributed through the website of the People's Bakkalı. Distribution of hygiene and food packages continues. A refrigerator, washing machine, stovetop, vacuum cleaner and bed were added to meet the needs of the solidarity campaign. 138 refrigerators, 241 washing machines, 184 cookers, 678 brooms, 23 single beds and 13 double beds, which have been bought by the benefactors so far, are delivered to those in need. The amount of support given to the solidarity campaign exceeded 67 million.

The campaign continues

Those who want to participate in the solidarity campaign can order hygiene packages, food packages, sleeping bags, hot meals, beds, bed bases, refrigerators, washing machines, cooktops and vacuum cleaners from Orders received are delivered to earthquake victims by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in the fastest way possible.

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