Safe Tourism Program Produced Positive Results in Tourism

Safe tourism program gave positive results in tourism
Safe tourism program gave positive results in tourism

Kovid 19 outbreaks during the holidays in the best exam successfully that Turkey, "Safe Tourism Certification Program" with the world's first and most comprehensive application was one of the main countries undergoing life. 2020 September data in terms of the number of visitors from Turkey shows that there is less shrinkage compared to competing countries.

In Turkey along with strong measures taken meticulously and conducted in a professional manner "Safe Tourism Certification Program" Thanks; Germany, the UK, many countries chose to Turkey's Mediterranean and Aegean coasts, especially in the summer, such as Russia. The remarkable data came from Ukraine. The number of tourists coming to Turkey in August and September Ukrainians were left behind even 2019. While all countries experienced a decline, the number of Ukrainian visitors increased by 12,3 percent in August. In September, the increase was 15,3 percent.

In the face of this success achieved by its competitors during the epidemic primarily by June of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism, which is one of the world's first example of "Safe Tourism Certification Program" Having started playing a major role. Certification and over 50 rooms, which makes it compulsory for all hotel Ministry, to explain the program to the world, conducted an intensive promotional campaign for visitors to know that they can come to Turkey for a safe holiday.

The Ministry is promoting certification programs and facilities abroad, which have been moving to the direction that opinion leaders and travel tour operators by enabling them to travel in Turkey; It enables them to explain this system in their own country through their social media.

As of June 1, 2020, nearly 25 press members, travel professionals and opinion leaders from approximately 750 countries such as Germany, France, Ukraine, Netherlands, Russia, Japan, Denmark were hosted in various destinations of our country. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism plans to host approximately 2020 people by the end of 500 and 2021 people in 3.

Continuing digital advertisements during the epidemic period, the Ministry conducted digital advertising campaigns in 54 countries with 57 different films. England, Russia, and in major countries such as Germany and Ukraine with 14 different destinations in Turkey with TV commercials Safe Tourism Certification Program was also introduced.

all the measures taken, implemented programs and promotional activities abroad, particularly in Russia, Germany, Britain, citizens of many countries, including major markets such as Ukraine allows them to choose Turkey for their holidays. The fact that the people in question leave satisfied after a safe holiday in our country proves the success of the process.

For Ukrainians Review of Holiday Country Had Turkey

All travel movements in the world almost came to a standstill during outbreak of the citizens of Ukraine did not give up coming to Turkey. gradual opening of the border in June and was followed by Ukrainian tourists prefer Turkey to act with the beginning of travel.

The number of visitors coming from Ukraine to Turkey in August, compared to the same month of the previous year, over 12, over 15 per cent increase was recorded in September. Ukraine was the only country that experienced an increase in the number of visitors in both months.

October 2020 is expected to be terminated in an increase in full year 2020, the number of Ukrainian tourists from Ukraine to Turkey is expected to exceed 1 million. This means that although the flow of tourists came to a standstill in the March-June period due to the epidemic, the Ukrainian market reached the level of two-thirds of 2019.

Introducing the certification application in the Ukrainian market as in all markets and highlighting the different destinations of our country before the Ukrainian visitors play an important role in this increase graph. Turkey's promotional activities with the last made by the Ministry emphasized that not only consists of the coast of Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ankara, Izmir and Kayseri is given as to destinations in places.

In this context, in 2020 Ukraine's 20 most watched television channel in Turkey that reached 5 thousand GRP ads have been published; 38-page advertisements and announcements promoting our country's destinations were presented to the readers in the leading magazines of the country. Again Facebook and YouTube Our country's advertisements were also featured in online channels such as.

It was emphasized that our country is safe under epidemic conditions as a result of promotional activities where more than 100 press members from the Ukrainian market and social media phenomena were hosted. More than a hundred news were published in various channels and hundreds of posts were made on social media accounts.

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