Southern Ring Road Will Break Giresun's Shell in Commercial and Social Area

south surrounding road will rent the crust of Giresun in commercial and social areas
south surrounding road will rent the crust of Giresun in commercial and social areas

Giresun Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Hasan Çakırmelikoğlu touched upon the transformation of the Ordu-Giresun Airport project into an investment and pointed the Giresun South Ring Road as a target.

Chairman Çakırmelikoğlu's statement is as follows; “Ordu-Giresun Airport investment, even if it seems ordinary today, was a mega investment project that seemed impossible yesterday. The Giresun Southern Ring Road Project, which seems like a dream today, is also standing before us. Absolute will turn into investment in this project, but our expectation is to start the process with the investment decision in 2021. The project, which will start at the entrance of Ordu province Gülyalı district airport, will meet the coast from Giresun province Keşap district Yolağzı location. If this project is implemented, the city of Giresun will look to the future more robustly and with hope by breaking its shell in commercial and social areas.

The project, whose investment decision is expected now, will be the escape of Giresun from the road that cut its connection with the sea since 1965. The highway, which was opened in 1965 and continues parallel to the Black Sea coast from Samsun to Hopa, has been transformed into a divided road whose standard was increased in the 2000s.

The highway, which started to serve as the Black Sea Double Road since 2007 and sharply separates the sea and city centers, is still in use. By moving this transportation axis to the south of the city, international crossings are planned to be more independent from city traffic.

In this respect, Giresun, which has lost its sea connection through the Black Sea Double Road and has taken the sea out of its social life standards to a certain extent, is aimed to eliminate this deficiency through the Southern Ring Road. Giresun South Ring Road will contribute to the integration of social life with natural life in addition to the commercial and zoned land advantages as well as increasing the transportation standards.

Within the framework of the advantage of the Giresun South Ring Road to serve the international road network, we will have the opportunity to remove the embankment between the city and the sea, which started in the 1960s and reached the top level in 2007 with the abandonment of the existing Black Sea Coastal Road as an urban road to the local administration.

Therefore, it should be known that Giresun Southern Ring Road will provide advantages to its region in terms of commercial, zoned areas and social integration areas, rather than being shown as a mere transportation axis. Today, Giresun Southern Ring Road Project is the solution to the grievances experienced in the housing sector due to the lack of organized sector sites and industrial sites and the high costs in the housing sector. In this respect, we have been a step-by-step follower of this project, which we brought to the public in 2012 as a result of the joint work of Giresun Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Giresun Chamber of Architects. kazanWe have considered it our priority to share their opinions with the public.

Knowing that Giresun Southern Ring Road Project is not the responsibility of only two NGOs, its benefits will cover all parts of our city, we expect and desire to support the process. "

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