A Good News Came From Turkish Scientist Polen Koçak

A Good News Also Came From The Turkish Scientist Pollen Husband
A Good News Came From Turkish Scientist Polen Koçak

Turkish scientist Polen Koçak is noted in the world with the new generation drugs she has developed against cancer. Continuing his studies at Harvard, Koçak said, “I want to bring my country to the top in the field of genetics and biotechnology.”

Polen Koçak, 6, graduated from Yeditepe University, Department of Genetics and Bioengineering 29 years ago, achieved numerous successes despite her young age. In this study, Koçak focused on treating cancerous tissue by targeting only cancerous cells without harming normal cells. After returning to Turkey, he worked in the stem cell production and regenerative medicine department of a private hospital. He completed his "Master of Biotechnology" at Yeditepe University with a high degree thesis on the development of carrier drug systems in prostate cancer.


Koçak, who started his doctorate studies at Yeditepe University three years ago, has published an international patent for the first time in Turkey to use a nanovesicle obtained from a plant in the treatment of lung cancer. His research examining the effect of the plant-derived nanovesicle he developed on wound healing and tissue regeneration was published in an international journal. Dr. Koçak, and then as a visiting researcher, Dr. Su joined Ryon Shin's group at Harvard Medical Brigham and Women's Hospital. With his team, he focused mainly on reprogramming damaged heart and vascular cells into healthy cells during the cardiovascular disease process.


Koçak, who is also one of the founding members of the Artificial Intelligence and Technology Association, became the founder of an initiative called Genestetix Genetic Consulting R&D and Biotechnology, which develops personalized genetic test kits and personalized biotechnological products within the body of Acıbadem University Incubation Center. Koçak said, “Generally, Turkish scientists are at the forefront of this kind of work in the world. I completed my education and returned to my country. My studies at Harvard continue, but I will not give up on my country. I want to make my country number one in genetics and biotechnology. I do artificial intelligence studies to improve diagnosis and treatment methods in the field of health. I want to move my country forward in artificial intelligence technologies,” he said.

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