First Pickaxe Shot in Bursa City Hospital Metro Line

first digging in bursa city hospital metro line
first digging in bursa city hospital metro line

The first digging of the 1.6 billion-worth City Hospital rail system construction to be carried out by the Ministry of Transport in Bursa will be done soon. Providing information about the giant investment, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that with the investment to be made with the cut and cover method and planned to be completed by the end of 2023, the people of Bursa will go to the door of the City Hospital by rail system.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş gave information about the rail system project that will reach the City Hospital from every point of the city with an investment of 1.6 billion, all of which will be realized by the Ministry of Transport. Stating that the investment to be made entirely by the Ministry of Transport in Bursa, which has a 54-kilometer rail system, will provide convenience both for the city and the municipality, Aktaş said, “It is a 6.1-kilometer line with 3 stations. "From every point of the city, our citizens will now have the opportunity to go to the door of the City Hospital by rail system, both from the carbed line, from the Novice line and from the T2 line."

Stating that the giant health base with 6 different hospitals and a capacity of 355 beds has undertaken very important tasks especially during the pandemic process, Mayor Aktaş stated that they are doing the necessary arrangements on all roads to the hospital. Aktaş said, “We are also making a shortcut. The first stage is over. The expropriation works of the second stage are in progress. There was no objection to the tender, 4 companies entered. It will start soon. Of course, we want to bring down the number of days defined there and hopefully complete it by the end of 2023. There is no reason for it not to end. Open and close method will be done. We will complete this work step by step, without interrupting traffic. There is also some expropriation. We want to complete the entire study in 3 years and provide transportation to the City Hospital from every point of the city. The first pickaxe will likely be hit by Labor. "It is important to finish the work during that process rather than where to start, as it will be done piece by piece.

"The number of public transportation fell by 50 percent in the pandemic"

Stating that the passenger carrying capacity will increase with the commissioning of the City Hospital line, Alinur Aktaş said, “We are not going through a normal process right now. It fell to 50 percent during the pandemic process. Currently, the passenger transport capacity is about 1 million people, including our private public buses, with our own public buses and rail system. But this number is around 550 thousand due to the pandemic. When we look at the city hospital as of normal day, we think that another 200-250 thousand will be added to that figure ”.

Novices Crossroad

Stating that the Acemler Crossroad is a style that connects the two sides of the city like the 15th of July Martyrs Bridge, Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş said, “The Novices are the heart of the city, an important axis that unites the east and west sides. Therefore, at this point, we first implemented a loop signaling application and expanded a loop. Now there is the extension of Fan Street and joining it, there is the issue of combining the viaduct coming from Mudanya. The first stage is over. The second stage will be completed. Bridge work is being carried out on the connection with Hayran Caddesi. Production continues at the moment. Expropriation was done right next to the side. We will complete this work by widening the Fan Street and completing the other axis. Meanwhile, there are efforts to expand the roads. There are expansion works on the roads in Ankara-İzmir, İzmir-Ankara directions. I think we will finish all of these works by the end of 2021. "In Novices, we will work to expand the Cemeteries Directorate there, as well as work to expand the area where private property is located beyond here."

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