With Aesthetic Operation, You Can Eliminate The Size Of Your Breasts From Being A Problem

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It is now possible to get rid of the discomfort caused by the breasts with a small scar with the breast reduction operation applied for large breasts, which is one of the common problems of women. Moreover, in this way, women both have breasts proportional to their body and reduce the risk of breast cancer. Breast reduction It is among the operations meticulously carried out by the expert team in the Op.Dr.Evren Workers' Clinic, which stands out with its success in Istanbul and its surroundings. At the Dr. Evren Workers Clinic, an open communication style is always adopted with the patients, the details of the patients are examined and their expectations are listened. And most importantly, information sharing is made in a clear way that prevents them from having unrealistic expectations regarding the operations in question.

With the simplest definition of breast reduction surgery, the volume of the breasts is reduced and the ideal form is achieved. kazanis made to be done. The operation, which takes an average of 2-2,5 hours, is performed under general anesthesia. The operation is performed with an incision that circles the nipple, that is, the areola, and descends flat, sometimes turning into an inverted T shape depending on the size of the breast, and the scars begin to become obscure over time. Mild to moderate pain that may be felt after the surgery can be relieved with the use of simple painkillers prescribed by the doctor. Bandages are usually removed on the 2nd or 3rd day after the operation and the patient begins to return to his normal life. After the operation, it may be necessary to use a sports bra for about 3 weeks.

Breast reduction operations can be applied to people who are not satisfied with the size and / or sagging of their breasts, sometimes due to structural reasons, sometimes after pregnancy or weight gain. Breast reduction surgery is among the operations that make the person's life easier in terms of health and quality of life, as well as increasing self-confidence for aesthetic reasons. In breast reduction operations, excess tissue and skin are removed from the breast in order to bring the breast to the desired size. Then the nipple is brought to the required position without separating it from the breast. Thus, the breast is both reduced and lifted. In breast reduction surgeries, the breast is basically a form that is proportional to the body and completely symmetrical. kazanis intended to be. The method to be applied during the operation is determined individually for the patient. At this stage, the condition of the patient's breast and the amount of tissue to be removed are taken into account. During breast reduction surgery; The skin is opened and the nipple is lifted upwards as it is without separating from the back, and the excess tissue and skin in the breast is removed. Thanks to this technique, since the milk ducts are not damaged, there is no obstacle to breastfeeding and the patient does not experience any loss of sensation.

Thanks to breast reduction surgeries, problems such as back pain caused by large breasts, tissue dents and skin irritations caused by bras and posture disorders are eliminated. At the same time, the patient can also take advantage of having the breasts that are upright, symmetrical and in the shape they want, which are in ideal proportion with the body after the surgery. Problems such as the inability to wear desired clothes due to breast size and some restrictions on physical activities are also eliminated with breast reduction aesthetic operations.

There is a minimal scar in breast reduction surgeries, as in many aesthetic operations. The remaining scars turn into very thin and not so obvious white lines over time.

You Can Get Stunning Breasts

Breast enlargement It is among the most frequently preferred aesthetic operations by women in many metropolises such as Istanbul. In breast augmentation surgeries, it is aimed to increase the breast volume by placing prostheses in the breast tissue. Breast augmentation, which is frequently applied to breasts that are structurally small or breasts that shrink or fade after birth, is recommended to be applied together with breast lift in cases where the breasts are sagging and sagging.

The prostheses used in breast augmentation operations are made of silicone and can be classified as flat or rough according to their outer surface, and round and drop according to their shape. The type and size of the prosthesis to be used in breast augmentation operations are determined according to the shape and measurement of the breast after the patient's examination.

In breast augmentation surgeries, breast prostheses can be placed using different entry points into the breast. Although the lower fold of the breast, nipple and armpit is generally used, the choice of the surgeon and the type of prosthesis to be used are as effective as the choice of the surgeon in determining the location of the incision. Silicone prostheses can be placed under the breast tissue with breast augmentation, under the chest wall muscle under the breast or under the pectoral muscle above and below the breast tissue as the dual plan. Although the placement of the silicone prosthesis under the muscle causes some pain in the postoperative period, it is known that the problems that will occur after the surgery are less. While determining the size of the breast prosthesis, besides the wishes of the patient, the structure and width of the chest wall are also taken into consideration. If prostheses with larger diameters than determined according to the measurements are used, overflows on the top and sides may result in unnatural results.

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