7 Million Road Investment from Van Metropolitan Municipality to Erciş

ercise million road investment from van buyuksehir municipality
ercise million road investment from van buyuksehir municipality

Van Metropolitan Municipality has completed the asphalt and road works in Erciş district this year. Road investments in the district amounted to approximately 7 million TL.

With the opening of the asphalt season, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has made road investments in 13 districts, is completing the hot asphalt works in the districts. 18,1 kilometers of hot asphalt work was carried out in Erciş, which is the most populous rural district of the city in terms of population, by the Department of Science. District center and neighborhood roads were made more comfortable with the hot asphalt works completed with the road line work.

7 km of Oyalı Neighborhood Road, 1.7 km of Yukari TOKI Road, 1.8 meters of Lower TOKI Road, 600 meters of Alkanat-Çınarlı Connection Road, 800 km of Alaattin Sucular School Road, 2 km of Gölağzı Mahalle Road with an investment of approximately 1.8 million TL. , 1.5 kilometers of Peynirciler Street, 4.2 kilometers of Çınarlı-Petrol Street Connection Road, 1.5 kilometers of Tugay Yolu Street, 200 meters of Dalan Street and 2 kilometers of Slaughterhouse Road were brought to hot asphalt.

In the district, as part of the 2020 road works, stabilization, regulation and improvement and culvert works were carried out on many neighborhoods and land roads with the workforce of the Municipality.

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