Engin Öztürk and We Are Like Movie and Profile

Engin Ozturk
Engin Ozturk

Written and directed by Caner Özyurtlu, we talk about the series of events that took place with the reunion of friends who still managed to maintain their long-term friendship within the production called We Are Here. Watch the film In this production, which is also counted among the list, the series of events that develop as the friends gather after a long time is the subject. While everything that the characters have hidden from each other is gradually revealed within the scope of the production, the reaction they give has also attracted the appreciation of the cinema lovers. kazanIt can show itself by being able to be. This production can be seen as an extremely sincere production as well as containing elements that will please the audience.

Hümeyra's character, Nezihe, who hears that the character is sick, can reveal the importance they attach to their past. 2021 movies It can be seen that they are on a journey to the past by remembering memories together. A suitable environment is created for the resentment of the past and the unsaid things to appear one by one. We are at the forefront as a film that shows what very sincere and warm friendships actually involve. In this sense, it can be stated that an effective cinema project manifests itself by mentioning the past and present state of each character. In this production, it is possible to see the journeys of the characters in the past and present.

Growing up together in the movie We Are Like This, we can see the characters who have had good times constantly displaying funny attitudes. Watch horror movies The production, which has a distinct place between the two, is also able to attract attention with its sincerity. Although there are deficiencies in the movie, it can show itself as an ideal project to have an enjoyable time. This cinema project, which cinema lovers will prioritize as a sincere movie, shows itself as a production that can be watched at any time. It is also a good movie that people compare their lives and see that they are getting smaller. However, its repetition towards the end is the only bad feature of this movie.

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