Covid-19 May Cause Hearing Loss!

covid can cause hearing loss
covid can cause hearing loss

It has been announced that the Covid-2020 epidemic, which affects the whole world and we experienced its third wave in autumn 19, may be among the organs that caused damage in the body and permanent hearing disorders may be seen due to the epidemic.

According to research by British experts, it was found that 19 out of 121 patients who previously admitted to the hospital for Covid-16 experienced hearing problems approximately two months after discharge. As a result of the research; It was stated that Covid-19 can cause sudden and permanent hearing loss and early diagnosis and emergency treatment are required to prevent this loss.


Making a statement on the research, ENT Specialist Op. Dr. Hünkar Batıkhan, arguing that there is a possibility of hearing loss in people caught in Covid-19, “The most prominent feature of the Covid-19 virus is the loss of sense of smell and taste. These losses occur when the virus causes some cell deaths. It is possible that these cell deaths can be seen in all organs of the body, including the ear. If the virus reaches the inner ear cells and causes the death of the cells there, as a result, a hearing loss may occur in the patient and this damage may become permanent after the disease. Patients may have complete hearing loss or unilateral hearing loss, ”he said.


In order to prevent hearing loss in patients who survive Covid-19 disease, Op. Dr. Batıkhan said, “As researches have shown, there is a possibility that people who survive the disease may experience hearing problems after a while. The key to treating inner ear problems is early diagnosis. For this reason, we recommend that patients whose Covid-19 treatment is finished to see an ENT specialist after their tests turn negative ”.

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