Mert River Flowing from Canik Mountains to Black Sea Kazanwill be called

Mert river, which flows from the Canik mountains to the Black Sea, is a tourism destination. kazanwill rise
Mert river, which flows from the Canik mountains to the Black Sea, is a tourism destination. kazanwill rise

The Mert River, which flows into the Black Sea from the summits of the Canik Mountains, has been opened to tourism by the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. kazanwill be raised. While the project preparations are being completed, it is expected that the 7th Regional Directorate of State Hydraulic Works will narrow the river bed for investment.

Urban river passing through the center of the rare cities of Samsun, Turkey's tourism potential to a new more will be added. Mert River, where fishing was used with fishing rods and nets, was prevented from polluting the environment and the sea thanks to the infrastructure works of the General Directorate of the Metropolitan Municipality Water and Sewerage Administration (SASKI). The Municipality will turn this place into one of the important tourist attractions of the city with the Mert River Arrangement and Rehabilitation Project.


Mert River, which separates Canik and İlkadım districts from each other, will be rehabilitated and its surroundings will be rearranged. Inspired by the example of the Porsuk Creek of Eskişehir, but will be given a different, comprehensive, aesthetic and touristic concept, the river will also change the vision of the city with its new face.


Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir, who evaluated the project that will highlight the modern texture of the city, said that the region will turn into a living space that everyone from 7 to 70 will enjoy. Mayor Demir said, “We prepared a very good project for Mert River. Our talks with DSI are continuing. When they narrow the riverbed, we will implement the project on the sets. It will be a very special and conceptual investment. It will make important contributions to the aesthetics and tourism of our city. It will attract great attention with its children's playgrounds, entertainment places, and floating cafeteria, ”he said.

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