Coronavirus Bus Driver Takes Steering Wheel on Last Day of Quarantine

The last day of the quarantine was behind the wheel
The last day of the quarantine was behind the wheel

While the bus driver with coronavirus should have been in quarantine, he was caught by the teams conducting inspections while he was traveling in Beşiktaş.

During the inspection of the security forces, the IUAŞ driver, one of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality companies, who was at the wheel, was sent to quarantine, the vehicle was disconnected and sent to the garage for disability.

It was determined that the IUAŞ driver was behind the wheel, although he should be in quarantine, in the HES code control made by the security guards who inspected in Beşiktaş Dolmabahçe.

The driver was taken to his home by the police to pass the quarantine. The bus was sent to the garage to be disinfected.

In the meeting with the driver in question, he stated that he misunderstood the end date of the quarantine, and although he should remain in quarantine between November 14 and 26, he thought that the end of the quarantine was November 26.

It was determined that the driver, who was given a precautionary quarantine decision after a positive case was observed in his family, also tested negative on 13 November.

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