Bursa has been awarded the European Mobility 2020 National Award

bursa received the european mobility national award
bursa received the european mobility national award

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which is celebrated by the European Commission since 2002, is the national coordinating role that the European Union's Mobility Municipalities of Turkey was awarded the 2020 National Prize.

The municipalities that won the European Mobility Week 2020 National Awards by providing the most active participation in the European Mobility Week, which encourages cities and municipalities to take sustainable transport measures, have been determined. as the initiative of the European Commission to improve mobility in cities in every year, 16-22 September, safe walking and cycling to create a city accessible by creating paths and municipality of permanent measures to take to the organized European Mobility Week to promote showing the highest participation in the world this year the country's 551 municipalities with Turkey happened. Turkey Union of Municipalities, municipalities and other municipalities to support this selfless work as well in order to encourage the most active municipalities in 2019 was awarded in 2020. Presidency Local Government Policies Board Vice President Prof. Dr. Sukru Karatepe presidency, Environment and Urban Planning Ministry of Local Government and General Director of Turan Konak, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the European Union Presidency Sectoral Policies President Bush Apartment Altınordu, Transport and Infrastructure Ministry of Infrastructure Investments Directorate General of Department of Fatih Smoke, European Union Delegation to Turkey Sector Manager, Transport and Infrastructure Investments Akif Turkel and Turkey Growers Association of municipalities Secretary General Birol formed with the participation of the jury evaluated the work of the municipalities covered by the weekly gathering on November 25.

Cycling tour

As a result of the evaluations made, 22 metropolitan municipalities, 51 municipalities with a population over 3 thousand and 100 municipalities, including 3 municipalities with a population of less than 100 thousand, were awarded. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality was also awarded with Şanlıurfa and Mersin Metropolitan Municipalities. Within the scope of the event, a Short Track Cycling Tour was organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality on September 3 with the participation of nearly 9 cyclists. Cyclists, who came together with the slogan '16-emission mobility for everyone', toured the vicinity of Hüdavendigar City Park, which is a route of approximately 200 kilometers. During the week, social media accounts of the municipality were shared about Mobility Week to create a social awareness.



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