Bodrum's Richest Mineral Spa Water at Sianji Well-Being Resort Hot Spring!

Bodrum's Richest Mineral Spa Water at Sianji Well-Being Resort Hot Spring!
Bodrum's Richest Mineral Spa Water at Sianji Well-Being Resort Hot Spring!

Sianji Well-Being Resort Spa Bodrum, located at the location where the clean air of the Aegean and the Ley energy path passes, helps those seeking healing with its rich mineral spa water.

Offering solutions for the treatment of many ailments ranging from skin diseases to paralysis, digestive and circulatory system disorders to rheumatic diseases, the spa water provides you with a peaceful and relaxing holiday with the difference of Sianji Well-Being. Sianji Well-Being, Bodrum's first spa hotel, serving for 12 months, provides you with an award-winning SPA service, healing hot spring water and 4 different health and diet programs.

Inspired by the hanging gardens of Babylon, "Sianji Well-Being Resort Spa Bodrum" offers a magnificent holiday experience for those who want to be refreshed in autumn in its nature embracing the deep blue sea.

Underlining that it is considered among the natural treatment options for many diseases, Prof. Dr. Ziya Karagülle said the following for the spa, which is named as “Natural Thermal and Rich Mineral Water”: “These uses are primarily used for protection, treatment and well-being in a number of rheumatic diseases and skin diseases. Healing spa water; In addition to skin diseases such as psoriasis, acne and eczema, it provides solutions for many ailments from weight problems to strengthening the immune system, from heart diseases to rehabilitation treatment. The hot spring water also stands out with its healing power in the treatment of paralysis in a short time. "

The healing power of the spa, Sianji Well-Being Resort Kaplıca is in Bodrum

Being the first luxury spa hotel in Bodrum, “Sianji Well-Being Resort Spa Bodrum” helps those seeking healing for many ailments from rheumatic diseases to skin diseases thanks to its spa. Offering its guests the opportunity to recognize the healing power of hot springs, Sianji Well-Being serves with the most effective health programs for 12 months. Embracing the deep blue sea, Sianji Well-Being provides you with the programs of Raw Food Detox, Master Detox, Anti-Aging Diet and Ketogenic Diet, providing you with mental and physical regeneration. Health programs implemented under the control of Sianji Well-Being expert team; It aims to keep the guests healthy and fit, to increase their energy levels and to be free from the negative effects of daily life. The guests who prefer Sianji Well-Being Hotel, the indispensable address of a healthy holiday, can enjoy the comfort of suites or they can benefit from all the facilities of the facility by staying in villas.


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