ASELSAN Brings 1975 Themed Products to the Public

Aselsan different from each other themed t-products in Worldwide sales
Aselsan different from each other themed t-products in Worldwide sales

ASELSAN introduces its logo products, which it will sell on physical and digital platforms, to the public. There are many concepts ranging from Turkish Scientists to Mathematics, from ASELSAN products to Engineering in products in different categories. ASELSAN, which prepares a separate series for the visually and hearing impaired, shows social awareness with its awareness collection. The revenues from ASELSAN 1975 Store will be delivered to those in need through ASIL Association.

ASELSAN brings together the products with its logo upon intense demand in six different concept designs. In the designs where the story and the product come together, there are various concepts in which valuable Turkish scientists are heroized, different technological terms and formulas are explained, sign language and Braille alphabet are used. ASELSAN offers products including ASELSAN's technological solutions in 1975 and ASEL, the lovable robot character of the Techno Adventure platform, which was launched a year ago by ASELSAN and aims to instill technology literacy habit in future generations.

Carefully Considered Designs at Macunköy Campus and in Digital

Textile products such as bags, hats, t-shirts, fleece cardigans, coats, stationery products, daily use products such as mugs, thermos and many other products produced according to various concepts were offered for sale in the store and in the coming days, product range and stocks will increase. ASELSAN 1975 will serve through both the physical store and the website. It will be possible to shop with credit cards at the address and cargo will be delivered to all corners of the country. At the same time, everyone who comes to visit ASELSAN will be able to shop from the physical store located in the ASELSAN Macunköy Campus.

Hope for the Future Adds Value to Life

ASIL Association, founded within ASELSAN a year ago with the slogan "Hope for the future is worth life", supports the needy in many different parts of our country in the difficult times of our people. For the same purpose, ASELSAN aims to support all those in need by transferring the revenues from ASELSAN 1975 to the ASIL Association.

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